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Increase revenue, maintain regulatory compliance, and automate manual tasks by leveraging the industry-leading education management software

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How CourseKey Works

The CourseKey platform is the only end-to-end solution for career education organizations to drive measurable outcomes in any learning environment. Mix and match modules and connect data to your SIS and LMS to make better business decisions, ensure compliance, and deliver exceptional learning outcomes.

Integrate With Your SIS & LMS

Integration is one of the most important processes an institution can prioritize today. Our team has integrations with leading SIS and LMS providers to make sure our system can speak with the other technology your institution is already using. If we don’t already integrate with the system you leverage, we’ll build it so you can succeed with us.

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Works In Any Learning Environment

In-Person Learning

Schedule and automate attendance so your students can check in as soon as they get to class using the most secure attendance solution on the planet. Make assessments easy through auto-graded tests, quizzes, and in class polls. Our in-person offerings are designed to make an impact in theory, clinical, lab, and externship settings.

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Online Learning

With our deep focus on building versatile attendance and engagement tools, you can make your online programs feel as engaging as they would be in person. Make sure the students earning hours are who they say they are using our secure user verification technology for online attendance. 

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Blended Learning

CourseKey works on any smartphone, computer, or tablet with an Internet connection, making it the perfect platform to conduct end-to-end blended learning programs. Bring students back to campus safely for hands-on components, conduct hands-free attendance in any environment, and keep students engaged no matter where they are. 

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Learn Why More Than 200 Vocational Schools Run On CourseKey

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See a demo of how CourseKey's career education platform can make a difference at your institution.