A Better Way To Teach And Train - Online Or In Person

Through time-based attendance, auto-graded assessments, interactive engagement tools, and campus-wide analytics, the CourseKey platform powers your institution with the data needed to improve compliance, retention, and efficiency.

coursekey for live online attendance and engagement

How It Works

live online attendance


Automate clock hour attendance so your students can easily check in and out of each day’s lesson with earned hours tracking and secure user verification.

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Deliver auto-graded high or low stakes assessments, like exams, in-class quizzes, and homework assignments for students to complete and review scores.

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Students interact with one another in a class-wide group chat, ask private questions to their instructors, and respond to quick in-class poll questions.

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Attendance data populates real-time dashboards for your administrators to review and identify at-risk students who are missing their required hours.

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Creating Enterprise-Wide Insight

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Reduce reliance on physical storage for paper files. Instead of worrying about lost or damaged paper records during an audit, any administrator can pull up student attendance records directly inside of CourseKey.

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Free up instructor teaching time, keep your students focused on learning, and give your registrars hours back each week they would otherwise spend manually tracking down and inputting attendance data into the SIS.

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With instant access to attendance data without waiting for manual uploads, you can start intervention outreach earlier to make sure you get your students back online and keep them from dropping out.

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Integrate With Your SIS & LMS

Integration is one of the most important processes an institution can prioritize today. Our team has integrations with leading SIS and LMS providers to make sure our system can speak with the other technology your institution is already using. If we don’t already integrate with the system you leverage, we’ll build it so you can succeed with us.

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Trusted By World-Class Institutions, Both Large and Small

"Our registrars consistently tell me it was the best technology we've implemented."
Janis Paulson
Unitek College
"I approached the CourseKey team wanting to put it in class after my attendance dropped below fifty percent. Now, I have seen close to a 30 percent increase in attendance!"
Seth Kaplowitz
San Diego State University
“It’s very easy to manage your own attendance, saves time in class, saves paper, and allows us to track our attendances automatically.”
Student Feedback
High Desert Medical College
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CourseKey Works In Any Learning Environment

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Use secure user verification technology to make sure the students earning hours online are who they say they are and engage students through assessments and social channels.

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Schedule and automate attendance so your students can check in as soon as they get to class using the most secure attendance solution on the planet.

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Clinicals & Labs

Leverage our proprietary location-based attendance tracking software at your clinical sites and labs to track attendance efficiently in every phase of your programs.

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Externship Sites

Let your students check in at their sites without creating more paperwork for the site administrators and without needing to access site computers to submit their time.

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