Skills & Competencies




Keeping track of skill and competency attainment via paper worksheets leads to lost papers, compliance risks, manual data entry, and an overall lack of visibility into student progress. 


CourseKey digitizes skills tracking and competency evaluations to create a better experience for all. Gone are the days of lost worksheets and constant requests for progress updates. Instead, students have a complete view of their progress at their fingertips while staff spend less time on paperwork and more time coaching students. 

Damon Fugett

“Students have a really easy dashboard within CourseKey. There’s more opportunity for students to get a lot more out of school. It helps with a communication piece that I didn’t even know wasn’t there.”

Chad Jove

“When I look at the CourseKey app and see my progress, I see how much I’ve grown, how much progress I’ve made, and ultimately where I’m headed.”

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“CourseKey takes the accountability and puts it back on the student because it focuses them on how much time they have left in the course.”

Engagement is more than just raising your hand

A lack of academic visibility is a lose-lose situation for everyone. Students feel disconnected from their education and rely on staff for updates. Instructors and staff end up spending so much time talking about progress that they don’t have time to actually support students who need extra support.

CourseKey digitizes student skill and competency attainment and provides students, instructors, and staff with a combined view of student progress—synchronous vs. asynchronous time, grades, skills, and more—in one place with the touch of a button. Staff and instructors spend less time on administrative work, and more time supporting the students who need it.

How we help


When students don’t have access to their progress, they’re left feeling unengaged in their education and have to rely on staff and instructors to keep them on track.

CourseKey’s mobile app combines grades, skills, progress, hour, and more into one complete picture. Students see how far they’ve come and develop a sense of accountability over their education.


When instructors are tasked with manual data entry, it’s a lose-lose for everyone. Instructors have less time to devote to students, and administrators are often left waiting for important business data.

CourseKey automatically transfers grades, skills, and other academic information into the SIS, eliminating the administrative burden from your instructors. Instructors have more time to do what they love: supporting students.


It’s difficult for staff to spot at-risk students when skills are stored on worksheets, attendance in a hand scanner, and grades in a grade book.  

Students, Instructors, and Staff have a complete view of student progress in real time without waiting for grades from one instructor or competencies from a preceptor. Instead, staff can quickly identify at-risk students and intervene early.