It goes without saying that showing up is the first step to achieving success, and the same is true of academic success. With so many attendance solutions available to instructors and institutions these days, it can be difficult to find the right choice.

Manual methods, like pen and paper roll call, can be time consuming. The instructor has to sacrifice valuable teaching time, and the registrar is often responsible for collecting attendance sheets and transferring manual data to digital records. While less time consuming for the instructor, student sign-in sheets can easily be filled out for friends and still require transfer time for the registrar.

In addition, more modern methods can still be manipulated. Students can pass hardware devices to a friend when they want a break from the lecture hall. Students are unlikely to share devices in bring-your-own-device models, but attendance codes can be shared through texting.

Because of our own experiences as students in the classroom and from research on how attending class impacts academic success, we've focused our efforts on providing instructors and institutions with location-based attendance solutions for honesty and accuracy.

gps attendance success

Sound Attendance

Sound attendance uses ultra-high frequency tones to check students in, undetectable to the human ear. The tone is emitted from the classroom computer and picked up by the student device.


  • Sound doesn't pass through doors or walls, therefore guaranteeing students are actually inside the classroom.
  • Most accurate attendance solution on the planet.


  • Students have to check in for class via the CourseKey app on their mobile phones, rather than through the web browser.

GPS Attendance

A geofence is drawn around a classroom or externship site and students check themselves in via location services through their preferred device.


  • Can be used through any device, whether accessing CourseKey through the app or web.
  • Preferred option for accurate attendance at externship sites.


  • Accuracy varies depending on the student device, with newer devices providing better accuracy.
gps attendance success
gps attendance success

QR Code Attendance

A unique QR code is generated each class session for students to scan through their mobile phones.


  • The option to print makes this the easiest solution for classes not fully ready to leap from paper to digital.


  • Requires students to use CourseKey through a device with camera functionality.

All CourseKey attendance sessions can be run on a pre-designated schedule. This allows instructors to specify time periods in which students can be marked on time versus late. A second check in provides insight into which students, if any, are leaving class early.

Get in touch with us to explore the options and figure out which is the best fit for your classes.

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