CourseKey + Anthology Student Integration

CourseKey eliminates manual processes in Anthology Student

CourseKey's on-ground and online attendance solution eliminates manual data entry for Anthology Student users. Administrators gain a daily view into LDA across all learning environments, including asynchronous, empowering them to take a proactive approach to student outreach and R2T4 calculations.

Key Features

Give Student's Real-Time View Into Progress

Gone are the days of students asking administrators for regular progress updates. CourseKey's student app allows students to view their progress with the click of a button.

Automatically Pull LDA from the LMS Daily

CourseKey connect's Anthology Student to leading learning management systems, automating the asynchronous attendance process and empowering administrators with daily view of LDA.

Streamline On-Ground Attendance Processes

Students can check in using CourseKey's mobile app and data is automatically transferred into Anthology Student.

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