CourseKey Attend

Automated Attendance Tracking

CourseKey Attend uses secure user verification and location-based technology to provide your organization with the most accurate student attendance data.

Built For Flexibility In Every Environment


Authenticate online and blended learning students through secure face and fingerprint ID verification.


Choose from several location-based technologies to make sure only students in class are earning hours.


Utilize our patented GPS technology to ensure off-site students are at the right site at the right time.

Custom Scheduling

Schedule attendance to run automatically, leverage grace periods, program breaks, and more.

Externship Site Management

Empower your externship coordinators to associate partner sites with students and courses.

Adjustment Wizard

Let instructors and registrars make single or bulk adjustments to records within the platform.

Modernizing Attendance Processes For Scale

For Leadership & Campus Administrators

Gain access to real-time attendance data

Empower executive decision-making and draw down Title IV funds sooner by automating real-time attendance collection.

For Administrators & Instructors

Save admins & instructors hours each week

Automate away manual tasks surrounding attendance data, empowering staff to spend more time on student intervention and quality teaching.

For Students

Provide students around the clock access to their own progress

Make it easy for students to access the insights necessary to take ownership of their success and build the time management skills to excel as future professionals.

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