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From day one to graduation, tracking attendance is critical to both your school and your students.


CourseKey’s attendance solution provides you with real-time data in every learning environment—synchronous, asynchronous, in-person, online, and even externships. Best of all? You eliminate the tedious back-office processes that your staff really doesn’t love doing anyway.


Calculate how much time your staff can save with attendance automation.

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“When we implemented CourseKey, it was fascinating how engaged our students became with monitoring their attendance.”

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“I love CourseKey. I’m able to spend more quality time with my students and not worry about time or attendance.”

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“Without CourseKey, there would be no way of checking what your progress was or how many hours you have to make up.”

Do you know where your students are?

Determining metrics—day one attendance, last day attended, externship attendance, asynchronous attendance, and more—manually is a time suck and a compliance risk.


With CourseKey, your staff can quickly access student data from every learning environment, empowering them to intervene faster, streamline Return to Title IV processes, and keep a close eye on satisfactory academic progress.

How we help


When students don’t have access to their progress, they have to pester instructors and staff for updates, leaving them feeling disconnected from their education. 

CourseKey’s student app puts student progress right in their pocket, giving them the information they need to stay accountable and on track to graduate.


When instructors must set aside hours for data entry, adjustments, and updates, they have less time to focus on student success.

CourseKey’s real-time visibility empowers staff with the information they need to act quickly, whether it’s intervening with an at-risk student or beginning Return to Title IV processes.


When staff have to wait for attendance sheets, adjustments, or asynchronous data, they’re forced to put business decisions on hold. 

CourseKey’s attendance automation eliminates tedious tasks from instructors, giving them more time to focus on what you hired them for: educating students.

Visibility across every environment

Online Synchronous

Authenticate online, synchronous students through face and fingerprint ID verification.


Location-based technologies ensure that only the students in the classroom are earning hours.


Automatically transfer asynchronous work from the LMS into the SIS, eliminating tedious data entry and giving your school a near-real-time view into LDA.


Prove that students are at the right site at the right time with patented GPS technology. 

Externship Site Management

Improve communication and relationships between partner sites with simplified site management.

Easy Time Adjustments

Empower instructors and registrars to easily make single or bulk adjustments to student records—anytime, anywhere.