Make Clock Hour Tracking Work For You

How career colleges save time on clock hour tracking. 


In the world of career and vocational training, clock hour completion is the groundwork in preparing students for gainful employment upon graduation. While pen and paper methods have been the go-to for attendance tracking for, well, ever, they come with a plethora of downsides.

  • Paper records can easily be misplaced before being recorded digitally.
  • Verifying attendance accuracy is difficult when doing so is dependent upon instructor discretion in tracking.
    • Are they docking time from late students? Or awarding all-or-nothing attendance regardless of actual time in class?
  • Registrars must dedicate a large portion of their time to transferring paper records to digital systems.
    • Error investigation is time consuming for registrars, too.
  • Instructors have to take time away from actual instruction.
  • Relationships with externship site supervisors can become strained under the demands of collecting and verifying attendance records.


Since all of these factors can impact a student’s ability to complete their program and receive appropriate Title IV disbursements, we developed an automated tracking system for clock hour programs. Our goal is to help relieve as many of your headaches as we can.

Step One: Record Minutes

By automating attendance by minutes, institutions gain accurate insight into how many minutes each student actually spends in instruction. Designed to work regardless of whether students are in a classroom, clinical, or externship site.

setting up clock hours

Step Two: Schedule Attendance

Scheduling attendance for the entirety of the course frees the instructor’s time to maximize the educational quality of those minutes and allows registrars to retrieve the records in live-time.

schedule attendance

Step Three: Confirm Instruction Time

Verify when you want the clock to start and stop each day and apply your choice to all future sessions.

edit attendance

Step Four: Choose Your Technology

CourseKey offers three technology options for taking attendance, letting you make the right choice for your campus needs.

Step Five: Sit Back and Relax!

Attendance will now go live independent of the instructor and according to the schedule set on the CourseKey course. Instructors can spend their class time preparing students for their futures and registrars can access the attendance records in live-time. Plus, students can track their own clock hours via the CourseKey app so they never have to worry about falling behind and missing more hours than they’re allowed.

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