3 Ways Investing in Technology Gives your School the Competitive Advantage

3 Ways Investing in Technology Gives your School the Competitive Advantage

3 Ways Investing in Technology Gives your School the Competitive Advantage

Investing in digital technology for career universities gives your school the competitive advantage to appeal to a younger generation, and more. 


With distance and blended learning becoming the norm, students have more options for their education than ever before. As technology constantly evolves, students expect more from their educational experiences. Without geographical limitations digitization becomes all the more critical to maintain a competitive edge.


Not only will technological investments attract and retain students, but it allows school admins to spend less time on data entry and more time with students. Technology sets your school apart from your competition. In this blog, we’ll explore why constant innovation and staying up-to-date on technology will set your school up for long-term success.

Increasing Operational Efficiency With Digital Technology

Technology exists as a way to make our lives easier, yet sometimes schools utilize multiple systems that do not talk to one another, and admin staff spend hours each week translating data between systems. Effective digitization of manual tasks, like attendance automation software, for example, will enhance your school’s operational efficiency to let your staff focus on teaching, supporting, and communicating with students.


In addition to enhancing the frequency and quality of staff-student interactions, digitization positively impacts employee retention. As technology becomes available, staff members will come to expect automation. Millennials and Gen-Z are digitally native generations who seek out work environments that have successfully adapted technology. By staying ahead of the curve, your school is attracting and retaining a high-quality workforce, which in turn attracts and retains high-quality students.

Catering To A New Generation

Modern students are digital natives. They not only expect digitization, but grow annoyed quickly if the tools they’re using are cumbersome, feel outdated, and lack user friendliness. 


For example, Ena Hull, former SVP Compliance and Operations of Unitek, explains the reaction of her students using a mobile attendance app to check in and out of class: “The students love it. Actually, […]  feedback from the students was they wanted more. They want everything on their device.”


Students expect to have constant, accurate access to their personal data and quick turnaround on their grades. By giving students real-time insight into their data, schools can create a learning experience that students expect and relate to.

Standing Out Above Your Competition

Odds are, your school isn’t the only one in your region and students seeking a career education have options for where they choose to enroll. For example, if your school is one of three in the same industry and uses technology to create a great learning experience for students by streamlining your admin procedures and giving students unlimited access to their data, your school has the competitive edge. Word of mouth and social media are incredibly powerful. Students share their experiences (good or bad) readily online, which can be a major factor for other students as they choose their school.


As blended and distance learning become more common students are signing up for a longer commute, or are comparing your school to schools across the region. Leveraging technology is essential to attract students and compete on a national level.

Investing In Long-Term Success Through Technology for Career Universities

Becoming an early adopter of digital technology within your programs will help you make sure that your competitors don’t pass you by. Investing in technology to put your school ahead, attract students, and alleviate the administrative burden. 


Unitek College shares just how transformative automation has been: “Our faculty love it because their administrative burden of tracking rosters? Virtually almost eliminated. Literally it’s gone. They can now spend this time teaching and not doing all of this work because the systems are in place to capture it.”


CourseKey’s career college management software empowers schools to streamline administrative procedures, attract high-quality students, and completely automate data to create a world-class learning experience for students by putting all these tools right in their pocket. Request a demo to learn more below.

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