‘Twas The Night Before Christmas: Career College Edition

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the school

Administrators were busy, there is no time to fool! 


Attendance was entered by hand and with care

Knowing that auditors soon would be there


The students were nestled at home in their beds

While visions of graduation danced in their heads


But not the administrators, no rest and no naps

Data must be entered, quickly, in a snap!

Attendance and grades must get into the SIS

So students can get their graduation wish


Paper after paper, row after row

They entered the data from head to toe 


Every piece must be correct and well in compliance, 

It would not bode well to be in defiance! 


The hours dragged on with no joy or no laughter, 

Manual data entry feels like such a disaster! 


With piles of papers still ahead, 

Administrators gave up on dreams of their beds. 


When all of a sudden in the office appeared

A jolly old man with a cap and a beard


“I come bearing gifts” he exclaimed!

I brought you CourseKey to solve all your pain! 


Now attendance! Now grades! Now skills! And Now Risk! 

Go go go on into the SIS! 


Through magic that could only be integration,

The administrators were done with their data migration! 


The data was there with no pain and no error, 

Maybe this audit won’t be such a terror! 


No timestamp was missing, no skill left untracked, 

Grades were there too, all the data was exact


They had a clear view into SAP

And could see every student that might be S-A-D


Risk level was measured by metrics of their choosing 

With student happiness greatly improving 


With all of their data tucked up in the cloud, 

Their audit will go well and they’ll all be so proud! 


With a tip of his cap, he disappeared out of sight, 

The administrators could get home for the night! 


They went home to their families with joy and with cheer,

They were all excited for next year! 


Retention rates would increase and gone was the risk

No longer would they rely on outdated floppy disks 


New cohorts, new classes, new problems to solve, 

But now, manual data entry won’t be involved! 


They can focus their time on student success,

Thanks to CourseKey, next year will be the best! 


They heard him exclaim, as they drove home out of sight, 


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