View Your Students’ SAP, ASAP

View Your Students’ SAP, ASAP

View Your Students’ SAP, ASAP

Waiting for grades entry and accurate attendance data delays critical access to an up-to-date determination of student Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Your school can gain an immediate view into SAP through data visualization, allowing your admins to act faster and help more students graduate on time.


Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is one of the most critical metrics for career colleges to monitor financial aid and retention. While the Satisfactory Academic Progress components are stored in the SIS, the data isn’t always accurate until several days later. Your administrators must wait for attendance sheets, attendance adjustments, grades, and more to get a complete picture of Satisfactory Academic Progress. Unfortunately, if you’re monitoring a particular student, the situation could be far worse by the time you actually get the student’s data from a week ago.

Don’t Let Your Students be S-A-D

Many schools, particularly career education programs with short module periods, rely heavily on attendance to measure student success. It makes sense; despite the challenges around determining accurate attendance, it’s still the most accessible metric to find quickly—but attendance doesn’t tell the complete picture. 


If students attend every class but do not complete their coursework, they’re still at risk. Unfortunately, your administrators may not know they’re at risk until your instructors enter grades. The snowball effect of delayed data can lead to unforeseen drops.

Viewing Components of Satisfactory Academic Progress in One Place

When you’re using methods that leave administrators waiting for data, you’re diminishing your view into Satisfactory Academic Progress and decreasing the likelihood that you’ll catch at-risk students in time. 


It’s essential to find a solution that empowers your school with data visualization tools to sort students by risk level and utilize early intervention. Every school has a different definition of risk and satisfactory academic progress, so look for a solution that is customizable based on your school’s policies. Additionally, automating attendance and grading processes through software integration gives you a more immediate view of student pace and progress. 


Attendance alone isn’t enough. With a more comprehensive look at student progress, you can see that a student with good attendance is actually at risk before it’s too late, reducing unforeseen drops and improving retention rates


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