How CourseKey Saved Paul Mitchell – Memphis 12 Hours Per Week on Worksheet Management

How CourseKey Saved Paul Mitchell – Memphis 12 Hours Per Week on Worksheet Management

How CourseKey Saved Paul Mitchell – Memphis 12 Hours Per Week on Worksheet Management

CourseKey’s Skills Tracker saved Future Professional Advisors at Paul Mitchell The School – Memphis 12 hours per week on worksheet management, freeing up critical time to focus on student attendance and success. Learn why instructors are calling CourseKey “the best thing since sliced bread.”

 In small to medium-sized cosmetology schools, attendance is the lifeblood of the company. If a student doesn’t attend class, the school loses revenue. Advisors play a critical role in ensuring that students stay in class and are maintaining satisfactory academic progress (SAP). Unfortunately, much of advisor time is consumed by manually tracking students’ skills using paper worksheets.

Additionally, students have the burden of maintaining tallies as they move through their program. Unfortunately, students typically don’t track these tallies until the end of their program, losing visibility into their progress. 


The solution? Eliminating worksheets altogether. Learn how Paul Mitchell The School – Memphis uses CourseKey’s Skills Tracker to save 12 hours a week on manual data entry while delighting students and instructors with simplified processes.

The Problem: Manually Tracking Skills with Worksheets

At Paul Mitchell The School – Memphis, Future Professional Advisor Bobby Willey, spent 4-8 hours a week manually grading worksheets and entering them into FAME. Bobby also spent an additional 4 hours chasing down signatures, providing progress updates, and meeting with students and Learning Leaders to discuss issues with worksheets.


As a Future Professional Advisor, worksheet management is just a small piece of Bobby’s job. Because attendance is directly tied to graduation rates and revenue, his most important responsibility is to ensure both student and school success. If students aren’t attending class, they don’t achieve their dreams of becoming successful cosmetology professionals, and the school doesn’t get paid. 


Advisors have a critical position with a high impact on school revenue. So why not maximize their time ensuring student success and protecting revenue? 

The Solution: CourseKey’s Skills Tracker

CourseKey’s digital Skills Tracker eliminates paper worksheets. Instead, students simply enter a completed operation into the CourseKey app on their mobile device then instructors approve or reject the skill at the end of the day. 


CourseKey is the best thing since sliced bread for our instructors. The power to approve something with the touch of a button is great for them. When you have 80-90 students on the floor, that gets overwhelming for the learning leaders at the end of the day to dig through worksheets and make sure all the boxes have been signed,” said Bobby. “With CourseKey, I don’t have to pester them about why they didn’t sign worksheet boxes. It has created more consistent communication from the learning leaders to me, particularly regarding rejected skills.” 


Before CourseKey, if an instructor rejected a student’s skill, Bobby would have to review the worksheet, meet with the instructor, and then schedule yet another meeting with the student to discuss why the skill was rejected. However, with the Skills Tracker, when instructors reject a skill, they note the reason for rejection in the app. As a result, Bobby no longer needs to spend time on follow-up meetings.


CourseKey cut 12 hours out of my work week. Where we struggle as advisors is not only do we worry about attendance and maintaining students at 90% or above, but we also have to focus on worksheets, theory, grades, and reports. So to eliminate 12 hours of grading, importing, and Freedom management from my workweek to focus on coaching and attendance is huge,” said Bobby. “That’s the biggest part of my job is to make sure students are not only meeting their requirements but that they are here and not at risk of losing their financial aid. So to be able to have that extra time within my schedule and not be overwhelmed is wonderful.”

A game changer for students

Most importantly, the students love it too. CourseKey’s Skills Tracker eliminates the need for student worksheet management and tallies and allows students to view their progress on their mobile device in real time instead of waiting 200 hours for the next worksheet, and the previous grade on their progress report.


“The biggest thing that students are so excited about is no more tallies for them to keep up. It’s all live for them now,” said Bobby. “It’s eliminated a lot of that process, and it creates a different level of accountability for them because now there’s no budging or arguing. It is what it is, and you can see that there’s no guesswork for either of us. It has been a game changer for them.”

Change the Game At Your School

Just because operations can be managed on paper doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient or cost-effective system for your school. Eliminating worksheets and transitioning to CourseKey’s Skills Tracker frees up administrator time to focus on retention—which directly impacts your school’s bottom line—while delighting students and staff with simple, straightforward processes.


Request a demo below to learn how the Skills Tracker can support your school.

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