Management Software for Cosmetology Schools

Management Software for Cosmetology Schools

Management Software for Cosmetology Schools

Software built for cosmetology schools helps automate attendance, track practical operations, prepare for audits, and boost retention. 


Anyone who tried to cut their hair during the pandemic knows how talented salon professionals are. It’s complex work that takes hundreds of hours of training to become a professional. Unfortunately, many of the schools that educate these salon professionals are working with a piece-meal software suite that requires extensive manual data entry and paper worksheets.

Why cosmetology schools are implementing software to manage academics, attendance, and compliance

Most cosmetology schools already use a student information system to house student data, and some use a content management system to provide online learning materials. While both are highly valuable for school management, they still rely on manual data entry and do not solve all the problems that administrators face. Cosmetology schools must leverage holistic software that integrates with the SIS to create a modern learning experience for their students while empowering staff to improve retention and compliance.

Software for cosmetology schools

CourseKey’s cosmetology school management software empowers administrators by reducing manual data entry and automating back-office tasks. With CourseKey, administrators can relieve staff of time-consuming attendance and grades management, allowing them to take a proactive approach to retention and detect compliant issues early. 

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CourseKey’s software for cosmetology schools improves attendance, retention, and compliance while simplifying administrators’ lives. Read on to learn how.

Skills tracking software for cosmetology schools

Imagine: A student is walking up to you, looking nervous. You’ve been through this so many times; you already know what happened—they lost their practical operations worksheet. All those blow-drys, cuts, and curls have vanished. You have to take time out of your day to reconstruct their worksheet, yet again. Now, imagine never experiencing this again. 

With CourseKey’s Skills Tracker, lost worksheets are a thing of the past. Cosmetology students will track practical operations within the CourseKey app and entries are automatically saved to the cloud. Even if a student loses their phone, their operational data will be safe. Students have a real-time view of how many operations they have left in their program, allowing them to see opportunities that help them progress towards graduation. Additionally, practical operations are automatically transferred to the SIS, eliminating manual data entry. When auditors make their rounds, administrators have peace of mind knowing that practical operations will always be accurate and were never reconstructed. One group of Paul Mitchell Schools estimated that CourseKey’s Skills Tracker saved them $40,000 annually per campus by eliminating manual data entry. With five locations, that’s a savings of $200,000.  

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Attendance software for cosmetology schools

As recently as 10 years ago, biometric scanners sounded like something out of a spy movie. Now standard in many cosmetology schools, it is no longer the pinnacle in secure attendance technology. Biometric scanners are great for proving student identity, but the pros end there. Biometric scanners cause long lines at the beginning and end of class, and in a post-COVID era, aren’t the most hygienic solution. Additionally, biometric scanners still require administrators to manually enter attendance data into the SIS. 

With CourseKey’s attendance software, students check in and out on their own device using Face/FingerPrint ID, QR Codes, or through soundwave technology that uses a silent tone instructors issue from their device. The tone cannot be picked up outside of the four walls of the classroom, meaning students must be in the room to check in. Additionally, attendance data is automatically transferred from CourseKey to the SIS, eliminating the need for manual data entry that is prone to human error. Admins can instead spend time focusing on student success and retention.

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Retention software for cosmetology schools

When administrators have access to accurate, real-time attendance dashboards in CourseKey, they can take a proactive approach to retention. Digital attendance dashboards allow registrars to reach out to students as soon as the absence occurs, even during class time. As a result, administrators can quickly inform at-risk students and improve their chances of remaining in the program. With paper timesheets and manual data entry, administrators don’t know that a student has been absent until days after the absence occurred, making it more challenging to get at-risk students back on track. 


Improving retention rates helps cosmetology schools achieve their goals of helping future professionals graduate and gives them access to additional tuition dollars to invest in initiatives like hiring, expansion, infrastructure, and more.

With a reactive approach to retention, many schools end up losing thousands of revenue dollars to automatic drops. Calculate how much money could be walking out your door. 

Compliance software for cosmetology schools

Engagement, attendance, and retention all impact compliance—one of the most critical metrics for cosmetology schools. To remain compliant, administrators must maintain accurate, verifiable records of student and course times to prove students are receiving the education they paid for. When attendance is tracked on paper and manually entered into the SIS, it is prone to human error. 


CourseKey consolidates attendance data from all learning environments into one location, giving administrators access to real-time data that is verifiable down to the second. Student dashboards with exportable, printable reports make it easy to prove practical skills and share records with accreditors without digging through boxes of paper files. In advance of audits, CourseKey gives administrators a clear view of LDA, streamlining the return to Title IV process. 


When compliance leaders have real-time attendance and course data, they can also take a proactive approach to compliance by examining behavioral data. For example, if an instructor regularly begins class late or ends class early, administrators can fix the issue before external audits occur.

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