CourseKey’s 2019 Year In Review

CourseKey’s 2019 Year In Review

2019 was a monumental year for CourseKey. We made numerous updates to our platform, adding new capabilities and making the software more robust overall. Before the year is over, we want to highlight our biggest product enhancements and user statistics of 2019.

Product Enhancements

Tracking time and attendance is at the heart of the CourseKey platform and in 2019, we worked to make it even better.

Improved View Of Student Time

We revamped the instructor’s view of student time to allow admins and instructors to view the time students spent in class down to the second without having to go into a more detailed view of student time (for programs and classes on a clock hour system). 



Student time is also now displayed in a transactional view, meaning admins and instructors are shown a list of all check ins and check outs the student had, when they were made, who initiated it, and how much time was collected. Think of it as checking your bank statement online, where you can see a list of every transaction as debits and credits to your account, but instead of your bank statement, it’s your students’ time spent in class. 

Adjustments Made Easy

We know that tracking time and attendance isn’t always perfect the first time and that  adjustments are sometimes necessary. We also know that making adjustments can be incredibly time consuming, so we created a workflow for admins and instructors to make bulk adjustments, meaning they can manually modify recorded time in a matter of seconds for multiple students or even the whole class. Any adjustment created is accompanied by a reason code and notes that are visible to instructors, admins, and students so nobody wonders why the change was made.

Scheduled Assessments

Now classes that use assessments in CourseKey can schedule them as homework assignments or quizzes to be taken outside of class. By scheduling start and stop times up front, instructors can make sure all assessments go live according to plan without having to worry about paper or manual clock watching.


Students also benefit from scheduled assessments because they won’t (or shouldn’t) miss a deadline again. Now, students can see all of the future assessments and corresponding close dates scheduled by the instructor in their student app.

Company Growth

In July of this year, CourseKey raised $5 Million in its Series A round of funding, marking a significant milestone for the company’s growth. It was a testament to the vision of our team and the potential of our software. We’re very excited to put those resources to work in 2020 to bring you an even better product and experience.

2019 By The Numbers

The number of campuses across the country that use CourseKey grew to a total of 90 in 2019. We’re proud of our progress and are even more excited to blow that number out of the water next year. 


Below are impressive user statistics from the CourseKey platform in 2019. 

The number of times instructors using CourseKey in their classes took attendance without paper or manual input.

Students asked their instructors and TAs this many questions directly through CourseKey, without having to raise their hands.

The number of CourseKey class chat messages sent, expanding the walls of the class and building bonds.

The number of assessments students took on CourseKey, with their scores auto-graded and available in real-time.

A Year to Remember

Before this year comes to a close, we must take the time to thank our client schools new and old for their cooperation and helpful insights over the last year. We’re excited to build on all of the momentum that we generated in 2019 and hit the ground running in 2020. 


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