CourseKey’s 2021 Year In Review

CourseKey’s 2021 Year In Review

CourseKey’s 2021 Year In Review

“2021 was an exciting year for CourseKey and our partner schools. We integrated with multiple leading student information and learning management systems, hired new talent across every department, and, most importantly, supported our partner schools in training thousands of future essential workers. We’re proud of 2021 and excited to continue the momentum into the new year."

As we near the end of 2021, we celebrate another exciting year of helping career education programs improve operations, allowing them to retain and graduate more essential workers! 


Here are some major highlights:

Transformative Product Launches and Enhancements


Skills Tracker

After seeing our partner schools’ displeasure at tracking student skill progression on paper, we designed the Skills Tracker, a mobile-first solution to track skills digitally. Instead of using paper worksheets or PDFs that require manual data entry, students simply enter completed skills into their mobile devices for instructor approval. 


Skills Tracker is already making a huge impact in cosmetology schools across the country. According to Bobby Willey, Future Professional Advisor at Paul Mitchell Memphis, the Skills Tracker saves him 12 hours per week on skills management, giving him more time to focus on student success. Bobby isn’t the only one excited by this new product. He says that instructors think the Skills Tracker is “the best thing since sliced bread” and “students are literally jumping for joy” at eliminating paper worksheets.


Learn more about how CourseKey’s Skills Tracker saved Paul Mitchell Memphis 12 hours per week and lots of headaches in our case study


Asynchronous Attendance Tracking

CourseKey’s asynchronous attendance tracking tool helps blended clock-to-credit hour programs automate attendance and view last activity recorded in real time. Our Canvas integration allows schools to automatically transfer a student’s last activity recorded into leading student information systems. This integration records activities that a student started, even if they didn’t finish them, giving administrators a true view into a student’s LDA in line with Department of Education distance learning policies. If your school is tracking LDA by last activity fully completed, you’re leaving Title IV dollars on the table. 


Push Notifications

Push notifications are driven by student preference and help them stay on top of important updates on their educational journey. They can choose to receive notifications about new assessment availability, new course enrollment, skills tracker submissions, new instructor messages, and new instructor posts. Students can adjust their preferences at any time.

2021 By The Numbers

New Integrations and Partnerships

This year, we integrated with some of the top players in the career education space to help schools eliminate manual back-office processes and improve compliance. 



With the CourseKey and Canvas integration, Canvas users can automatically transfer asynchronous grades and activities into their SIS. 


Anthology Student

This integration automatically transfers on-ground attendance from CourseKey into Anthology Student. It also connects Anthology to Canvas, allowing Canvas users to view synchronous and asynchronous activities and attendance in one place. 


Pivot Point

Now, Pivot Point users can eliminate manual data entry from the grades transfer process, empowering them to spend more time focusing on student success. 



This integration automatically transfers on-ground attendance from CourseKey into Orbund. 



Now, TextAim users can pull up a student’s TextAim profile with just the click of a button in CourseKey instead of navigating between the software.

Company Growth

In March, CourseKey raised$9 million in its Series B round of funding, for a total of $20 million in venture funding. This funding marks an exciting milestone on our mission to build world-class software for the career education industry. We are putting these resources to work to continue improving our product and your experience. In addition, we hired expert team members across every department.

Here's To Continued Growth!

We’re so thankful to our partner schools, old and new, for all their collaboration and helpful feedback throughout the year. We’re excited to build on our momentum from 2021 and we look forward to hitting the ground running in 2022! 


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