CourseKey Dashboards: Impact Decision Making With Real-Time Data

CourseKey Dashboards: Impact Decision Making With Real-Time Data

Career colleges can analyze real-time attendance data in an easy-to-use dashboard, improving their retention strategy and increasing administrative oversight. 

Have you ever piloted a spacecraft? Yeah, neither have I. But I can picture what it’d look like. The pilot is sitting behind a panel of displays, meters, and gauges, each presenting visual information for the pilot to reference. The pilot is constantly scanning the displays to make sure everything is running as intended. Inevitably (at least in the movies), one of the displays will show a critical reading, indicating danger and requiring the pilot to take immediate action to keep the spacecraft safely on its course. If the pilot acts quickly enough, they can address an issue before it becomes problematic. If they don’t have the panel of visual cues, the pilot may not detect a problem until it’s too late, resulting in a potentially dangerous situation.

What does this have to do with career education? Running a career ed institution, or any organization for that matter is similar to piloting a spacecraft. There are many moving parts that need to be monitored to ensure a successful operation. But where career education institutions differ from spacecraft, besides traveling outside of earth’s atmosphere, is that most of them don’t have a panel of displays and gauges to let administrators immediately know that something is wrong. Instead, they’re forced to rely on after-the-fact data to inform their decision-making, which can result in delayed, ineffective communication with students and in some cases, drop-outs.

CourseKey’s administrative dashboards, however, provide a visual tool for admins to view and analyze attendance data in real-time, including which courses have missing students, record adjustment types, break durations, and more. The real-time visibility into attendance data that dashboards afford allows admins to detect issues like missing students and make informed, timely decisions to improve operations. 

In this post, we’ll take a look into how exactly CourseKey dashboards work and why they’re so instrumental to successful operations.


Three dashboards components

CourseKey dashboards have three separate components – Live Attendance, Insights, and Reports. Live Attendance and Insights display data collected from both the student mobile app and admin portal while Reports allows admins to easily generate reports to share with other stakeholders.

Live attendance dashboards

The live attendance dashboards display attendance data in real-time. Let’s examine the elements that make up the live attendance dashboards.

  • “Cards” for all scheduled courses for the specified date, including active, scheduled, and complete courses
  • Course name, instructor, and scheduled time
  • Attendance percentage and a color coded ring
  • A ratio of number of students present out of students enrolled in the course

Analyze Attendance Data: See who is absent and present

When students check in to a course using the CourseKey app on their mobile device, the data is immediately reflected in the Live attendance dashboards.


Admins can take one look at the attendance dashboard and know if a course has missing students. From there, they can click into the course “card” and see the roster of the course. Students are clearly marked either checked in, checked out, or absent, and an admin can even see how much time each student is accruing.


As Matthew Tarolli, Adult Programs Coordinator at OCMBOCES, explains “I know automatically who’s there. If I want to look for somebody, if I’m wondering if someone is here, I can look and see that – just look at the dashboard and be done.”


Attendance visibility through the dashboards is even helpful for financial aid offices. In career colleges, where financial aid offices take a more hands-on approach to processes, dashboards let them know if a student is on campus and where a student is, letting them easily get in contact with students without guessing where students are at a certain time.

Improve Retention Strategy: Reach out in real-time

When it comes to increasing retention, every hour that passes without intervening with at-risk students lowers your chances of keeping them from dropping out. Manual attendance tracking processes delay the sharing of information to the point that administrators might not know a student was absent until three days, or even a week, after class is over. Beginning outreach days after the fact does not yield the retention results that schools are looking for.


With knowledge of which students are absent through CourseKey dashboards, however, admins can begin their outreach to missing students immediately, therefore maximizing the chances of getting them back to class.


This helps your institution stay on top of retention by intervening with absent students before they become at-risk, increasing the chances of having them persist through their program. In cases pertaining to online courses, admins can even contact students quickly enough to have them log in to the course before class is over, saving them from missing a significant portion of the class session and allowing them to earn time.

Insights dashboard

The Insights dashboard displays other relevant information about your programs including site location, breakdown of adjustments to attendance records, length of break durations, and more. Admins can reference the Insights dashboard to monitor aspects of attendance management.

With the site location, for example, admins can see each of the externship sites that the institution has set up where students can accrue hours. This is helpful for successful site management.

Using The Reports Dashboard to Analyze Attendance Data

Administrators can navigate to the reports dashboard and generate a report containing data from CourseKey within seconds. They simply choose the report and a date range, and the report is generated. Admins can then share that report with other stakeholders or upload it to other systems.

Total oversight

Whether a school has one campus or twenty campuses, dashboards give school leaders the ability to see each active class across every campus of the school. This capability gives authorized personnel complete oversight of every student enrolled in the entire organization. Leaders can see instantly how attendance rates compare across campuses and courses, allowing them to take a “step back” and examine their student body as a whole. By doing so, they can derive insights about certain programs, clinicals, individual students, each respective campus, etc.

Venture on with real-time attendance data

Having real-time access to relevant data is the first step to better decision-making. Many CourseKey partner schools have been able to achieve their retention goals thanks in large part to real-time attendance dashboards. 


How would your institution change if admins had access to real-time attendance data? Schedule a demo with a CourseKey team member below to find out.

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