CourseKey’s 2020 Year In Review

CourseKey’s 2020 Year In Review

At the beginning of the year, institutions were using CourseKey’s career education platform to manage their on-ground attendance, resulting in increased efficiency and retention while helping to improve compliance. When the pandemic hit, we prioritized releasing capabilities that would help schools set up and run engaging, compliant, clock-hour courses online. As the months passed and schools resumed on-ground learning, we released tools for them to conduct daily health check surveys and touch-free attendance to keep staff and students safe.

Throughout the year, career education institutions used the CourseKey platform to track attendance, provide engagement opportunities, and maintain compliance in online and on-ground learning environments. Below are product updates and additions that made it possible.

Exciting Product Updates

  • Face/Fingerprint ID for attendance: When institutions were forced to administer distance learning earlier this year, we knew they needed a way to track clock-hour attendance and verify that it was actually the student getting credit. Our new Face/Fingerprint ID attendance technology provides an easy and secure method for students to check in and out of class, whether online or in person, by leveraging the stored biometric security data on students’ devices. This same technology is used by world-class banks and password management systems for secure user verification.
  • COVID-19 daily health check: Career education relies on hands-on practical training that can only be administered in person, so we created a daily health check that allows schools to resume on-ground classes without putting staff and students’ health at risk. The daily health check consists of a series of questions that ask staff and students whether or not they’ve experienced certain symptoms in the last 14 days or if they’ve been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Based on their responses, the user is presented with a green or red pass for the day they want to go on site. Anytime a red pass is given out, admins receive an email notifying them immediately and students have the option to contact their admin directly.
  • Improved tracking of practical services: We created a simple way for instructors to easily track students’ completion of practical services without having to rely on student-driven paper or digital worksheets. After students complete a service, instructors record completion with just a few clicks in the CourseKey portal. Records are stored in the cloud, eliminating the risk of lost worksheets and providing progress visibility to instructors and students.
  • Redesigned web interface for staff & instructors: Our new and improved interface makes it easy for admins and instructors to manage courses and campuses, access dashboards and reports, manage externship sites, manage users, and view student profiles.
  • Introduced new reports: New reports include Students Not In Class, Time Attended By Students, Health Check report, Make-up report, and others. Admins can now generate and export new reports in seconds, making it easy to share reports with other stakeholders when needed.
  • Assessment enhancements: If an instructor needs to assign make-up work, CourseKey now allows instructors to send assessments to individual students. We also gave instructors the option to require students to check in before accessing assessments. This is especially critical in online courses to ensure only students who checked in using secure attendance technology are accessing tests and quizzes.
  • Attestation for externship hours: When students complete externship hours at an offsite location, they can sign off on their hours through CourseKey, which automatically sends a record of hours completed to the externship coordinator and site supervisor for review.
  • QR + GPS attendance: We added another tool to our attendance technology arsenal. Now partner schools have the option to use QR code + GPS attendance for an added layer of security to ensure students are checking in at the correct location/course, which is especially useful for labs and clinicals. The added security ensures students checking in with the QR code only earn hours if they’re also within the geofence assigned to that location.
  • Flex attendance: Sometimes, students don’t have a set schedule and can choose when during the week they want to complete their hours. For those cases we created flex attendance, making it easier to conduct attendance when students don’t have the same shift hours every time.

A Year Of Organizational Growth

In addition to making big product updates, we’ve grown immensely as a team and organization. Here are a few highlights.

  • CourseKey is now used on over 200 career education campuses, including 30+ Paul Mitchell The School campuses, Hawaii Medical Institute, and the Institute for Business & Technology, to name a few.
  • The team at CourseKey has doubled in size, bringing on incredible new talent in integration technology development, product development, sales and marketing, and client success to make sure we have the right people to build you the best platform possible with the content and resources for your organization to be successful.

While this year has been unlike any other, we’re proud to say we’ve been able to help our clients succeed through unprecedented circumstances and help them provide exceptional training to future professionals and essential workers.

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