Announcing the D2L + CourseKey + Anthology Student Integration

Announcing the D2L + CourseKey + Anthology Student Integration

Announcing the D2L + CourseKey + Anthology Student Integration

CourseKey’s D2L and Anthology Student integration helps career-focused programs streamline operations to improve compliance, retention, and student outcomes. 

CourseKey's D2L and Anthology Student integration automatically transfers data from D2L into Anthology Student.

About the D2L and Anthology Student Integration

The CourseKey + D2L + Anthology Student integration enables career colleges to automatically transfer student data between D2L and Anthology Student. This integration empowers career education programs to remain compliant with today’s asynchronous regulations for credit-hour and clock-to-credit-hour programs by updating LDA multiple times daily, enabling immediate outreach to at-risk students, and expediting Title IV drawdown and Return to Title IV.

Key Features

FDA and LDA include Asynchronous Time for Improved Retention and RevenueCourseKey pulls LDA from D2L and transfers it into Anthology Student multiple times a day, allowing administrators to complete R2T4 filing without delay and additional fines. In addition, with a near-immediate view into asynchronous FDA, schools can expedite Title IV drawdown.


Reassign Instructor TimeInstructors no longer have to compute asynchronous time and manually enter it into Anthology Student, enabling them to focus on more appropriate activities and eliminating data errors, inconsistencies, and delays. 


Complete visibility for students and staffAdministrators can see a campus-wide overview of total time awarded (asynchronous and synchronous), view total asynchronous and synchronous separately, and detailed time reports by student. 


Students have visibility into their total hours, the ratio between sync and async hours, and remaining hours, empowering them to adjust their time to satisfy graduation requirements.

Why We Built This

“We’re thrilled to integrate with D2L and Anthology Student to continue our mission of ensuring every career college across the country has access to an efficient, purpose-built technology stack,” said Luke Sophinos, founder and CEO of CourseKey. “Reducing manual back-office tasks empowers career colleges to scale their programs and educate more of the essential workers our country needs.”


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