Introducing: Digital Competency Evaluations

Introducing: Digital Competency Evaluations

Introducing: Digital Competency Evaluations

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a nurse who only practiced giving shots once or twice to stick me with a needle. Or a phlebotomist who only drew blood three times to try and find my vein. 

Fortunately for all of us, nursing and allied health students practice and hone their skills and competencies repeatedly before they become professionals in their field. 

Unfortunately, for nursing and allied health programs, tracking and grading these skills and competencies can be a logistical nightmare. 

When schools track competencies on paper, there are often key challenges like: 

  • A lack of visibility into student progress
  • Delays in preceptor approval 
  • Compliance risks of lost papers and delayed signatures
  • Administrative hours spent chasing preceptors 
  • Limited time left for intervention with at-risk students
  • And more 

The solution: Digitize Competency Evaluations with CourseKey

Now, CourseKey digitizes the competency evaluation process and automates many of the key pain points along the way. 

Instead of chasing preceptors and waiting for evaluations, staff and students gain faster insight into student performance and risk. 

How It Works

Students complete their competency and log it on their mobile devices. Depending on your program/accreditation requirements, you can automatically notify students that it’s time for a preceptor evaluation: 

  • After every competency
  • After a set number of competencies 
  • After they complete a full set of competencies
  • After a certain period of time


When it’s time for a preceptor evaluation, students simply select which preceptor to send the evaluation to, and they’ll fill out the evaluation form in CourseKey (no account required).

Once the preceptor fills out the form, the competency is automatically updated in CourseKey with the evaluation score/grade.

If an internal staff member is responsible for filling out the evaluation, they will automatically receive the evaluation. 

Benefits of digital competency evaluations

Student Empowerment

With CourseKey, students gain effortless access to their competency progress right at their fingertips. Instead of asking staff for progress updates and wondering where they stand, they can effortlessly track and monitor their competencies using their smartphones. They gain real-time insights into their pacing and can better visualize how close they are to achieving their goals. This level of transparency empowers students to take control of their educational journey like never before.

Effortless Automation

CourseKey takes the burden of manual evaluations and chasing preceptors off the shoulders of your dedicated staff. Our system automates evaluation and form distribution based on competency completion, saving valuable time and effort. Instead, your staff has the time and data they need to focus on more strategic tasks and student support. 

Comprehensive Monitoring

With competency tracking, satisfaction, externship attendance, online attendance, and classroom attendance all in one place, CourseKey creates a centralized hub where you can oversee every aspect of student success. 

This consolidated approach not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes compliance risks, leaving your team confident and audit-ready.

Improved Compliance 

Paper competency checklists are easily lost or destroyed and challenging to fully verify, leading to increased compliance risks and less audit confidence. 

When you track competencies digitally, they can’t be lost or destroyed. Plus, the digital approvals process creates a stronger, more easily verifiable audit trail to give you peace of mind during your next audit. 

Data-Driven Insights

Eliminating paper processes is just the beginning. 

CourseKey empowers educators with rich data insights, allowing them to identify:

  • Students who are falling behind
  • Students who are struggling in some areas, but not others
  • Areas of opportunity and potential risk on the instructor and course level
  • Areas of opportunity and potential risk on the programmatic level 

With all competency data consolidated in one system, CourseKey simplifies the process of making data-informed decisions for the benefit of your institution and its students.

Streamline competency evaluations with CourseKey

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