How Bellus Academy Instructors Enable Student Success by Automating Attendance

How Bellus Academy Instructors Enable Student Success by Automating Attendance

How Bellus Academy Instructors Enable Student Success by Automating Attendance

Streamlining complicated attendance processes empowered Bellus Academy instructors to save time on administrative work and focus on student success. 

Bellus Academy is a cosmetology school with locations in California and Kansas, training students in cosmetology, esthetics, and more. Bellus Academy instructors bring years of field experience to their roles and pass that rich experience on to their students. 


“When I see my students succeed, I’m so proud,” said Irma Liaras, a Spa Nail Instructor at Bellus Academy Poway. “I am their biggest fan and I want them to succeed in the classroom and as professionals. It makes me feel so good to know that I helped them achieve their dreams.” 


Bellus Academy instructors are in it for the students. But, unfortunately, they were bogged down with manual or antiquated attendance processes that took their attention away from student success.

The Problem: Manual Processes Took Significant Instructor Time

Bellus Academy used a biometric scanner to verify student identity and record time. Unfortunately, the hand scanners caused significant delays throughout the day and would fail when students tried to check in. Instructors were unable to assist students with the hardware, and as a result, had to take them to student services to confirm their attendance. 


At the end of every day, instructors would examine attendance lists to ensure that everything was correct and make adjustments as needed. It took significant time, and there was a lot of back and forth between instructors and administrators regarding time changes and whether a student was there or not.  


Bellus Academy also used paper timesheets, which were prone to fraud (a checkmark next to a students’ name) and had to be manually entered into the student information system. 


Fortunately, Bellus Academy implemented CourseKey to solve these issues.

The Solution: Attendance Automation and Visibility With CourseKey

On campus, instructors no longer worry about fraudulent check marks or broken hand scanners. Instead, they simply pull up a QR-code at the beginning and end of class and during breaks. Students scan the QR-code to start and end their time clocks. Instead of spending an hour at the end of class checking student time, instructors spend 5 minutes, giving them more time to focus on students. 

"CourseKey is a lifesaver."

“CourseKey has given me more time as an educator to give back to the students. I was spending so much time with the administrative side of the house doing paperwork for the students coming and going,” said Brian Scott, Cosmetology Educator, “CourseKey has made it simple for me to get them clocked in get them clocked out, get them where they need to focus more of my time and energy back to them.”

“CourseKey as a whole has just been so effective, efficient, and just easy to navigate for students and instructors.”

CourseKey also helps keep students stay accountable for their program progress. Educators appreciate that they are no longer tasked with giving each and every student a progress update whenever they ask. Instead, students can view their progress within CourseKey’s app, and seek out instructors or administrators when they have concerns, not just for simple updates.        

Reduce The Administrative Burden on Instructors

When instructors have more time for student success, it benefits everyone. Instructors get more time to do their favorite part of the job, and students feel more supported and engaged with their program. 


“I love CourseKey. I am able to focus more on my students, and I don’t have to worry about any of the time or attendance,” said Irma. “CourseKey has saved me a lot of time in regards to being able to be there for my students. I’m able to spend more quality, valuable time with my students.” 


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