[Case Study] How NCE Registrars Save Hours Per Week On Attendance Management

[Case Study] How NCE Registrars Save Hours Per Week On Attendance Management

Until 2018, National Career Education (NCE), a career college in Citrus Heights, California, collected attendance each day using the traditional pen and paper method. While pen and paper was the industry standard for taking attendance, it was causing a variety of issues for their registrars. Since switching to CourseKey for attendance tracking, NCE registrars now experience streamlined attendance management and save hours of time each week.

Problems with Pen and Paper for Career College Attendance

NCE registrars were responsible for uploading accurate attendance data into the SIS, but the manual attendance collection process was leaving too much room for human error. Because instructors were conducting attendance with pen and paper, attendance records were not always accurate and their handwriting wasn’t always legible. Registrars would then have to find instructors the next day to confirm if a student was actually absent or not. The human errors involved in collecting attendance led NCE registrars to question the accuracy of their attendance data.


In addition to human error, timeliness was a challenge in NCE’s paper process. Instructors would forget to turn in hard copy attendance rosters. Registrars had to track down instructors the next day to retrieve the rosters they forgot to turn in. This was a critical bottleneck in attendance data collection that delayed the process by at least 24 hours, sometimes longer.


Pen and paper attendance collection also forced registrars round minutes up or down on student records and made adjustments one record at a time. This process took registrars hours per week to complete and was prone to even more human error.

Task Flow Transformation

By switching to CourseKey’s career college attendance technology, NCE registrars’ task flows have transformed. They’re now able to manage student attendance much more efficiently and use the hours regained per week to be much more productive.

Significantly Improved Efficiency

Through CourseKey’s digital workflow, registrars have significantly increased their efficiency when managing attendance. They generate LDA reports within minutes after a class has finished, allowing the attendance data to be actionable immediately.


Registrars now create adjustments to individual attendance records in just a few clicks and modify multiple records at a time using CourseKey’s bulk adjustments feature. Registrars are also spared hours per week they used to spend rounding out minutes on student records themselves because CourseKey rounds out the minutes automatically.


Because CourseKey takes the manual processes out of attendance collection, the risk of human error on the part of instructors and registrars is eliminated. Registrars at NCE now are confident that the data collected is accurate, saving them from having to check with instructors about the previous day’s attendance.


By saving hours spent on manual tasks each week, NCE registrars are spending time executing the other high-value tasks they’re responsible for.

Real-Time Visibility Into Student Attendance Records

By eliminating paper rosters and storing attendance data in the cloud, registrars now have instant access to past student attendance records. When it comes to resolving past attendance issues with a student or preparing for a compliance audit, NCE registrars easily locate the past records in question.

Through CourseKey, registrars are even checking attendance rates from home, which is especially helpful for classes that happen in the evening. Registrars can access the attendance records for those classes at home, sparing them the hassle of asking instructors the next day for their evening class attendance record.

Taking Advantage Of Technology to Improve Career College Attendance Processes

NCE’s transition from a pen and paper to a digital and real-time attendance collection process significantly improved their attendance management. Registrars are able to instantly identify absent students in real-time admin dashboards and make adjustments to student records in a fraction of the time it used to take.


Through a highly efficient attendance process, NCE administrators are able to begin other tasks contingent upon accurate, up-to-date attendance data much sooner, like creating LDA reports and reaching out to absent students.


As one registrar explains, “What would normally take me a couple of hours now takes less than 30 minutes.”


How would your school benefit from real-time attendance technology? Request a demo of the CourseKey platform to find out.

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