How To Transition To Live Online Courses With CourseKey

How To Transition To Live Online Courses With CourseKey

Schools across the country, from K12 to universities to career colleges, are rapidly working to move their courses online to protect the health of their students, faculty, and staff.

The CourseKey platform makes the temporary switch to live online instruction easy. Most online course platforms are built for asynchronous go-at-your-own-pace courses. But that model doesn’t cut it for most career schools, which is why CourseKey focuses on making sure your students are online for their full required hours. Through a combination of our attendance and engagement tools and a web conferencing platform, your instructors can deliver their content remotely and administrators can monitor student attendance data through real-time dashboards.

Live online content delivery

Instructors can hold live online classes by displaying a slideshow of the day’s class material through any number of web conferencing softwares. These systems allow instructors to present their content via screen sharing, take attendance, and interact with students virtually in a way that mimics an in person class dynamic. If your school already has a web conferencing system in place, great! If not, we have a few we can recommend.

Digital attendance

The typical LMS way of assigning attendance credit for online courses is zero sum: if a student completes an assignment, they get credit for being there. But for clock hour schools, you don’t know if a student was there for 20 minutes to take a quiz or if they were online for the entire class period. CourseKey’s attendance, however, accurately verifies that students are online for the hours they’re supposed to be.


CourseKey’s online attendance solution uses a session-unique QR code that students scan with their mobile device to check in and out of class.


Instructors can take the unique QR code and add it to their slides. They can either add the QR code to the first and last slides of the presentation, which would require all students to be online at the first and last slide to get their hours for the day, or add it to each individual slide, which would allow students to check in and out as they logged on and off without interrupting the instructor to ask them to go back to the first slide to check in.


Displaying the QR Code at the start and end of class and for any recorded breaks will allow schools and students to track their total time earned for each day. Schools can be confident that the attendance data accurately reflects the time that the student spent active in the session.


Whether they’re high-stakes assessments like exams, tests, and quizzes, or lower-stakes assessments like homework or in-class assignments, CourseKey’s platform makes it simple to conduct assessments during online classes. Instructors can create the assessment before class and either push it to students during the class session or schedule it for students to complete at a later time. Plus, assessments can be built to be auto-graded so instructors and students can see the results right away.

Student engagement

Making sure students don’t lose the social interaction aspect of the classroom experience is one of the most important things to keep in mind when creating online courses. Through the CourseKey platform, your instructors can push out class polls, students can push questions to the instructors, and everyone can engage in a class chat group.

A temporary transition

Whether you’re testing out live online courses as a long-term solution or making a temporary move in response to the current global public health pandemic, CourseKey can make the transition easy and let you rest assured that students are still earning their hours.


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