How Texas School of Phlebotomy Used CourseKey to Manage Rapid Growth

How Texas School of Phlebotomy Used CourseKey to Manage Rapid Growth

How Texas School of Phlebotomy Used CourseKey to Manage Rapid Growth

When Texas School of Phlebotomy experienced a dramatic increase in student population, they looked for a trustworthy, scalable software solution to easily manage student data. 


The Texas School of Phlebotomy (TSP) is an allied health school training hundreds of phlebotomy students at three locations. When COVID-19 closed down Texas, TSP shifted its programs online first, then hybrid. Despite the complications of moving a highly hands-on program into a hybrid space, TSP grew 300% during the pandemic. 

The Problem: Rapid Growth In A Hybrid Environment

TSP implemented CourseKey to help manage their rapid growth and solve three key challenges: 

  • Verifying attendance in online lectures
  • Simplifying instructor evaluations on-ground and online
  • Improving student skill progression tracking, aka “Stick Logs” 


TSP needed a new system, fast. But after negative experiences with software implementation, they were hesitant to implement a new solution—enter CourseKey.

The Solution: CourseKey’s Attendance, Skills, and Assessments Tracker

They implemented CourseKey’s scalable software to improve student attendance, instructor evaluation, and stick log management. 


Verifying Attendance In Online Lectures

To remain in compliance, TSP needed a way to verify student identity during online classes. Students were required to keep their cameras on; however, auditors require another form of provable verification. According to Willie Seid, Head of IT, one of the big draws of CourseKey is that it has the technology and data reliability to verify attendance in any environment, helping TSP continue its hybrid learning program.


Simplifying instructor evaluations on-ground and online

Phlebotomists are held to high standards, and at TSP, students begin practicing those standards early. Instructors visually evaluate a student’s nails and scrubs at the beginning of every class (online and on-ground) and conduct a Venipuncture Midterm Evaluation and Venipuncture Final Evaluation. Before CourseKey, instructors recorded the results of the evaluation on paper. Implementing CourseKey’s instructor evaluations gave TSP a streamlined system to track evaluations digitally. 


Better tracking student skill progression, aka “Stick Logs”  

Students at TSP must successfully complete a minimum of 40 blood draws to finish their program. They practice on one another and record the draws in their “Stick Logs.” Before using CourseKey, students recorded their stick logs on paper for instructor verification. Staff uploaded the completed stick logs once the class was over. CourseKey’s Skills Tracker digitized this process, saving administrators from having to manage hundreds of paper logs.

A World-Class Implementation Process

It wasn’t just the quality of CourseKey’s product that stood out to the TSP team; it was the ease of implementation. Willie has worked with global software companies throughout his career but found CourseKey’s implementation process and level of customer service to be the best he ever experienced. 


“The responsiveness of other companies has been nowhere near CourseKey’s responsiveness and initiative,” said Willie. “I’ve dealt with the big boys, and you guys bring a level of professionalism that I haven’t seen, so much so that it’s embarrassing for other companies. With other vendors, we have to manage the process and set deadlines to ensure that everything is getting done, but with CourseKey, it’s a well-oiled machine, and we trust everyone on the team. From a client standpoint, it spoils us.” 


TSP successfully implemented CourseKey during a phase of rapid growth to track attendance, manage instructor evaluations, and streamline skills tracking. With the help of CourseKey, TSP can continue to scale without being hindered by manual processes. 


We understand that the idea of implementing new technology can be daunting; that’s why we’ve invested in a strong customer success team that is committed to your success. Request a demo if you’d like to learn more about how CourseKey supports career education programs like yours. 

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