The 4 Factor Framework To Improve Audits At For-Profit Schools

The 4 Factor Framework To Improve Audits At For-Profit Schools

The 4 Factor Framework To Improve Audits At For-Profit Schools

Digitize your data and improve audits in for-profit schools by automating attendance, skills tracking, grades, and reporting. 

Improving reporting is critical to the success of institutions and their students. It ensures you stay in business, your students get the education they deserve, and you avoid hefty fines from ED.

Spending hours on manual data entry daily makes it difficult for staff to ensure data integrity and identify critical metrics like LDA. Fortunately, new software allows you to automate data entry to foster a culture of compliance and give your staff more time to support student success. 

Yes, it’s your team’s job to follow compliance procedures regardless of how complicated they are, but automating your processes makes maintaining compliance second nature. Let’s look at the Four Factor Framework for improving compliance at for-profit institutions. 

For more information about how CourseKey can assist your school in meeting and maintaining compliance, listen to our webinar with policy lawyer Jacob Bonifield: Compliance Crackdown: Preparing Your Institution For 2022’s Regulatory Changes.

Improve Audits With Attendance Automation

Your SIS is only as good as the data that goes into it. If you’re collecting attendance on paper or adjusting data frequently, it’s prone to human error. Automating attendance and implementing a more efficient process that doesn’t require hours of adjustments gives your staff more time to focus on students and compliance. Plus, digital attendance technology ensures you have proof of services and an up-to-date record of LDA without the hassle of paper attendance sheets. 

Audit-ready attendance boils down to two simple questions: “Were students where they needed to be when they needed to be there and for how long?”


According to Ena Hull, COO of Legacy Education, students are 50% more likely to finish their program if they’re attending class. If attendance data gets delayed, you may not know a student is absent until they’ve been absent for five days. Timely data allows you to intervene faster and keep more students on track. 

Improve Audits With Skills and Comprehension Tracking Automation

Each skill your students acquire progresses them further toward graduation. But if that paper gets lost, the student must recreate the worksheet or start from scratch. 


You may be wondering, “Are my students learning the required skills they need to graduate on time?”


Students want to know what they’ve already achieved and still need to achieve. When this information isn’t readily available, it results in less engaged students.


Digitizing skills tracking allows educators to monitor student progress, approve skills obtained, and reject those that need improvement—streamlining instructor approvals. Compare it to traditional methods that require tracking student skill progression on paper or PDFs, and you’ll quickly see the benefit of automation.


Progress visibility enables the student to take charge of learning new skills while inspiring them to continue working toward their goals. With a glance at their mobile device, students can make decisions that support their path to graduation, ultimately improving your school’s outcomes.


Digitizing student skill tracking eliminates data entry errors that put your school at risk and gives better visibility into student progress.  

Improve Audits With Grades Automation

Digitizing student activity provides proof of academic engagement and better insight into Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).


You may be asking, “Can I streamline quizzes and tests and ensure Satisfactory Academic Performance?” 


When grades are automatically transferred into a students profile, students have immediate feedback and staff gain better insight into SAP. Because there’s no manual data entry required, you have peace of mind that your data is accurate and your students are progressing. 


Automation in action: Prior to implementing automated software, High Desert Medical School entered grades into Excel. At the end of the semester, instructors would give the spreadsheet to the registrars, delaying insight into student performance.  HDMC adopted CourseKey’s attendance solution to gain real-time insight into student progress.

Improve Audits With Reporting Automation

You can spend all the time in the world pulling boxes of student information for reports and audits, but your reports are still only as good as the data that goes into them. If that data is inaccurate, you’re in trouble from the start. 

Automating all your data—attendance, skills tracking, grades, and reports ensures your reports are built on accurate information that can withstand scrutiny during audits. 

“Can I auto-generate and auto-send properly formatted reports to regulators while ensuring accuracy?”

Data and reporting automation can also support your school in the event of a borrower defense claim. Is a student claiming you didn’t provide the value they expected? Provide proof of services delivered. Digital data storage allows you to pull complete student records with the click of a button, giving you a full record of student attendance and academics. 

Compliance doesn't have to have a downside

Data integrity, LDA, R2T4…compliance regulations can be a headache. Every administrator would rather spend their time focusing on helping their students thrive. 

“Can there be an upside to compliance”?

With CourseKey, you can easily prevent fraud, streamline R2T4, and intervene faster with cohesive data. Completing all of the steps in the 4 Factor Framework will ensure your school is on track to improve audits and outcomes. Take advantage of automation, and watch your students, instructors, and staff thrive.

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