Improve Show Rate With Better Early Engagement Data

Improve Show Rate With Better Early Engagement Data

Improve Show Rate With Better Early Engagement Data

CourseKey helps schools improve show rates and get more students in the door with critical early engagement data. 

To get future starts to day one, many schools spend time calling, texting, and emailing students to ensure they’re prepared and ready to begin their program. 

Unfortunately, a study of 150 higher-ed leaders by communications app, Mongoose, found that while schools are leveraging these channels, they aren’t completely happy with them. According to the study, outreach is effective, but admissions and enrollment teams struggle to extract stories [like where students drop in the enrollment funnel] from data produced by imperfect platforms.”

Here are three ways CourseKey gives your staff better insight into future start engagement. 

Automated communications provide engagement insights

Ninety percent of survey respondents using CRMs or SISs to manage student communications are frustrated with systems. These systems are effective for managing data and blasting out communications, but they’re not the best solutions for tracking student engagement data. Fifty-seven percent of the survey respondents rely on different departments to get the student data they need but never feel like it tells a complete story. 

CourseKey automatically sends future start communications via text and email. As a result, your team can see which students interact with the communications and which students ignore the communications. 

If a student has ignored every single communication since they enrolled, your staff can call them, check in, and try to intervene early to ensure they show up on day one.

Digital enrollment checklists improve processes for all

Starting a new program is an exciting time for students. Unfortunately, the initial excitement may fade when the student is confronted with daunting enrollment processes and paperwork. 

We simplify the enrollment process for both future starts and your team. 

Easy-to-use checklists for students

Your team probably has an enrollment checklist for future starts that you send via email. We digitize that process and turn it into an interactive checklist using our Skills Tracker. You simply add the checklist to CourseKey, and it will be automatically issued to students once they are enrolled. 

When students download the CourseKey app, they can access their enrollment checklist and check things off as they go. 

Visibility for enrollment teams 

CourseKey puts the student in the driver’s seat and gives your team the time and information they need to focus on the students who need the most support. Instead of checking in on every single future start, your team can quickly check to see: 

  • Future starts who still need to download CourseKey to access their enrollment checklist. If future starts have not downloaded CourseKey and begun their enrollment tasks, it may be a sign that they aren’t planning to show up on day one. It could also be a sign that they will be unprepared on day one and may not be engaged in their educational journey. 
  • Future starts who are missing enrollment checklist materials, including how many they’re missing. If they downloaded CourseKey but only completed one thing on their checklist, your team can reach out to see if they’re struggling on the next step.

Identify top-performing channels for more strategic recruiting

Day-to-day, getting students through the door is always a win. But unfortunately, many enrollment and admissions teams are so bogged down that they don’t have the time to think critically and strategically about improving processes. Automating future start communications and implementing digital enrollment checklists frees up your staff’s time to think critically about your enrollment strategy and how to improve recruitment long-term. 

One of the ways CoursKey helps schools improve enrollment strategy is by providing clear insight into the performance of different acquisition channels. For example, you may discover that students who enroll after finding your school on social media are significantly less likely to show up on day one than students who find your school via paid search. You may decide to reallocate your resources and put more dollars behind paid search. Or, you can put guard rails in place with students who enroll via social media, scheduling more regular check-ins to ensure they show up on day one.

Improve show rate with CourseKey 

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