Introducing: CourseKey’s Retention Dashboard

Introducing: CourseKey’s Retention Dashboard

Introducing: CourseKey’s Retention Dashboard

To improve retention, CourseKey’s Retention Dashboard pulls in data from the LMS, SIS, and other technology to give your school a real-time view of at-risk students in one easy-to-use dashboard. 

Ena Hull, COO, Legacy Education

Retention is the lifeblood of a school. It directly impacts revenue, compliance, and, most importantly, a student’s opportunity to achieve their goals. As schools across the country face declining enrollment, it’s critical to keep the students that walk through your door. If a student drops halfway through your program, you’re losing revenue and have no return on the resources you spent recruiting and enrolling them. 

Unfortunately, retention is a notoriously difficult metric to improve. Many different factors go into retention, including attendance, grades, skills progression, life changes, and more. 

Separate, disconnected systems force schools to use manual processes to update records and still don’t result in a complete picture of student risk. For example, administrators may not have accurate attendance data from Monday until Friday in a school using attendance processes that involve manual data entry—pen and paper, biometric scanners, and complex asynchronous calculations. By Friday, the student may have missed the rest of the week, putting them at even higher risk. The more class a student misses, the harder it is to get them back on track. 

As difficult as it is to gain an accurate picture of attendance, attendance isn’t the entire snapshot of student pace and progress. A student could attend class every day while falling behind on assignments and grades. We’ve seen many schools calculate grades monthly, quarterly, or at the end of every module. But a lot can change in just a week, and missed assignments/poor grades can be daunting for a student to come back from—especially if they’re going through other life difficulties that caused grades to slip in the first place.  

To begin understanding your school’s retention needs and start moving the needle on retention, you need access to real-time data in one central location. Our new Retention Dashboard solves these problems by connecting and automating your data and pulling it into customizable student risk profiles to help your school increase student retention.

CourseKey's student success software helps academic teams intervene faster.

Integrated Systems Support Data Visualization

In addition to transferring data into the SIS, CourseKey leverages grades, attendance, and other data to give you a real-time picture of student pace, progress, and risk at a student and campus level.

CourseKey automates your attendance processes, allowing your school to collect data faster. Students check in and out on their mobile devices, and attendance is automatically transferred into the SIS.  

CourseKey also automates the grading process through two methods: 

Customizable Risk Profiles To Improve Student Retention

CourseKey’s Retention Dashboard will leverage your data to create a customizable risk score based on your school’s policies and programs. 

To create a student risk score, you simply weigh the importance of attendance, grades, lateness, last activity recorded, and academics, then establish the risk threshold by assigning scores to low, medium, high, and severe risk levels. 

Once you set the parameters, the rest is automatic. Your staff has real-time insight into students at every risk level, allowing them to better prioritize intervention and outreach. With clearer insight into the individual factors that impact student risk, staff can create a customized plan to help students get back on track.

Now Is The Time To Improve Student Retention At Your School

One of the key pillars of business is that it’s cheaper to keep the customers you have than to go out and get new ones. While there will always be the need to recruit new students and fill cohorts, investing in retention rate improvements will positively impact your school’s bottom line, outcomes, and, most importantly, the students. 

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