Introducing Cortex: The Future of Vocational Education

Introducing Cortex: The Future of Vocational Education

Introducing Cortex: The Future of Vocational Education

Career college staff members spend hours, if not days, gathering data, entering it into the SIS/spreadsheets, and assembling it into digestible reports that power executive decision-making. Unfortunately, the process takes so long that the data is already obsolete by the time many executives even receive critical reports. Between the SIS, the CRM, and the LMS, it’s not a lack of data that’s the problem—it’s managing and making sense of the data. When systems don’t talk to one another, it’s impossible to pull the insights necessary to scale a school and best support students. 

But that’s all about to change.

Cortex, built for the world’s leading vocational schools, connects your software across every stage of the student lifecycle. The platform combines all your data in one location, putting critical decision-making resources at your fingertips in real-time, so you have the power to improve the entire student journey from enrollment to placement and everything in between. Cortex gives you the data you need to do the job that computers can’t: Enable more students to enter the workforce trained and ready.


Cortex is the first end-to-end software platform built exclusively for career colleges and vocational training programs. It was built in partnership with C-Suite executives from leading career education programs 

across the country to benefit staff, instructors, and students alike. 

Cortex builds on the core features of CourseKey—integration, automation, and visualization—to give executive leaders a real-time view of all the data they need in one place.


  • Automation
      • Data automation: Before you can connect the dots, you’ve got to collect the dots. Cortex automates data collection and reporting so leaders have the accurate data they need the moment they need it, even during periods of personnel change. 
      • Communications automation: Automate communications throughout the entire student lifecycle. Every department can access and identify what’s been communicated to a student and what hasn’t. 
  • Visualization: Cortex automatically visualizes your data into different workspaces to help you better understand the student journey. Spot trends and gain insight into never-before-available behavioral data. 
  • Standardization: Cortex ensures data standardization across departments. Departments all have access to the same data in the same place, simplifying strategic decision-making and allowing everyone to better work together to ensure student success.


“After years of working with some of the top vocational education programs in the country, we saw numerous challenges they faced due to disconnected and barely-integrated technology stacks. This limited the ability to make decisions based on data that schools felt confident in. So we built Cortex,” said Luke Sophinos, founder and CEO of CourseKey. “We worked closely with our partners to build a platform that connects all of their different technology solutions—their LMS, SIS, CRM, etc.—and bring that data into one place to provide a holistic view of the student lifecycle. We’re excited to launch Cortex into the market with many of the leading career colleges in the space including Stratatech, Unitek, Charter College, and many others.”

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