Introducing Forms: Easily Track And Manage Student Feedback

Introducing Forms: Easily Track And Manage Student Feedback

Introducing Forms: Easily Track And Manage Student Feedback

Now, you can build and deploy forms and surveys faster than ever before with CourseKey’s new forms tool. 

The easy-to-use forms builder allows you to automatically send surveys, track completions, and analyze results in the same system that you track attendance, academics, and skill attainment—centralizing critical student data. 

With student data in one place, you can make data-driven decisions faster and more confidently than ever before.

Read on to learn more about CourseKey’s latest tool. 

Automate sends based on time or skills

When you use CourseKey for skills tracking or attendance, you can set triggers to automatically send Forms to a student when they complete a certain number of hours or skills. 

For example, when a student hits the midway point in their hours, CourseKey will automatically send a midpoint satisfaction survey. Or, schools can automatically survey a student when they’ve completed all of their required skills. 

Staff no longer has to monitor student progress in one system, send them a survey in another system, then follow up on that survey until completion. Instead, they can spend more time analyzing survey results and implementing positive changes that improve overall student satisfaction. 

View powerful analytics

The Forms builder offers powerful analytics at a glance. Easily check who has, and has not completed the survey, view answer averages, and more. 

Because we automatically generate the analytics, you and your team don’t have to waste time compiling the data, sifting through answers, and uncovering trends. Instead, you can quickly identify and act on trends from survey results to improve programs, increasing overall student satisfaction and retention.

Automatic reminders

You’re sorting through surveys only to discover that a student hasn’t completed a required survey. You try to track them down, but they’ve already left for the day, or they’re in the middle of something. Ensuring students complete required surveys is unnecessarily time-consuming. At some schools, staff even have to call students into their office and have them complete the surveys live—spending hours of their day that could be spent engaging with students in a more meaningful way.

In addition to automatically sending Forms, CourseKey also allows you automatically track which students have completed surveys and which students have not. You can set up triggers to automate push notification reminders for students who have not yet completed the required form.

Easy-to-use builder

Satisfaction surveys, technical surveys, instructor assessments—the options are endless. Forms offers multiple different question styles that you simply drag and drop into the builder. 

The builder also allows you to add logos to ensure your digital forms match your brand. You can digitize a paper form in a matter of minutes.

Internal or external, it's up to you

Easily send forms internally on the student, course, or program level within CourseKey itself. 

If you would like to issue Forms externally, you simply copy and paste an external link to the Form.

Digital storage

Managing and storing paper surveys could be costing more than you think. Between the time it takes staff to manage paper, the cost of paper itself, and the cost of storage, you’re out thousands of dollars that could be better spent elsewhere. 

CourseKey stores Forms digitally and associates them with the CourseKey student record. When it comes time for your audit, you can easily print the surveys you need with the click of a button.

Everything in one place

Now, you can view a full picture of the student experience—satisfaction surveys, attendance, grades, skill attainment—in one location.

Instead of chasing data from different sources, you have all the data you need in one platform, making it easier than ever to identify risk and implement informed solutions. 

CourseKey’s Forms are easy to use, easier to send, and the easiest to track and analyze. Request a demo to learn more.

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