CourseKey Customers See A 3.5% Lift In Retention Rates

CourseKey Customers See A 3.5% Lift In Retention Rates

CourseKey Customers See A 3.5% Lift In Retention Rates

In a study of IPEDS data pre- and post-implementation, we found that, on average, CourseKey customers saw a 3.5% lift in retention rates.*

Breaking it down further, allied health schools saw an average 8.3% lift, and career and trades saw a 4.5% lift. 

How do we do it? By doubling down on early intervention, which according to Ena Hull, COO of Legacy Education, is a major key to both academic and emotional success. 

“Early intervention shows that we care. Preventative action and moving quickly shows a heightened awareness of what’s going on with your students, which means a lot to our student population,” said Ena. 

What does CourseKey do?

CourseKey lifts retention rates by improving three key operational areas: 

  • Data collection 
  • Data aggregation and visualization
  • Student Intervention 

Check out this video to learn how CourseKey works. 

Improving Data Collection 

Your student intervention methods are only as good as the data you’re working from. If your data is 2-3 days old, you’re already 2-3 days late on student intervention. CourseKey eliminates data delays and inaccuracies to streamline intervention from the very beginning. We do this by collecting timely and accurate data from every learning environment in two different ways: 

  • Through our student-driven mobile application
  • By integrating with your LMS and SIS


Because we’re collecting data directly from students and your existing systems, we eliminate data delays and human error-a big win for schools like High Desert Medical College. 

“The biggest challenge we were looking to solve [with CourseKey] is being able to rely on the integrity of the data,” said LeeAnn Rohmann, CEO of Legacy Education. “Anytime you have a human involved in that data piece, there’s always a chance to not get it right. CourseKey has allowed us to eliminate human intervention to improve that integrity.”

CourseKey’s customers benefit from improved data collection across the board, with 92% of CourseKey users saying they’re confident their student data is accurate versus 32% of non-CourseKey users.  

Improving Data Aggregation and Visualization 

Intervention delays can also result from a delay in data aggregation. For example, a student may have perfect in-person attendance, but their grades may be slipping. Unfortunately, this can be difficult for staff to catch when pulling data from different systems. 

With time, grades, satisfaction, and other data visualized in CourseKey, it’s easy to get a quick snapshot of student pace and progress. 77% of CourseKey users find it easy to get data from their different systems, compared to 18% of non-CourseKey users. 

“With CourseKey, I can see where my students are, I know if they’re falling off track, and I actually have the time to have a conversation with them because I’m not so busy tracking their data,” said Damon Fugett, Director of DeHart Technical School. 

Automating Student Intervention 

Ultimately, data collection and aggregation delays can delay intervention with at-risk students. By improving timeliness and accuracy and aggregating all the factors that make up student risk into one location, CourseKey gives staff the resources they need to connect with students early. 

But we also take it one step further. 

CourseKey scans student progress data 24/7 and automatically sends intervention messages when students hit a customized risk threshold. For example, you can customize a message to automatically send to students via text, email, or push notification if they miss three days of class, online or on-ground. 

In addition to automatically intervening, we send daily update emails to your staff, showing which students are at medium and high risk. Because they aren’t so busy managing data, they have time to add a human element to student intervention. 

Ultimately, by giving your staff more time to connect with students and leveraging CourseKey’s automatic digital interventions, you can help get more students across the finish line. 

Improving retention rates with CourseKey

Boosting retention rates is a win-win for all—students, staff, compliance, finance, and more. If boosting retention rates would be a win for your organization, fill out the form below to speak with a member of our team. 

*Study Methodology: We took a random sample of customers who signed on with CourseKey before 2021, then analyzed retention rates the year before implementing CourseKey and after implementing CourseKey, and calculated the percentage change over the two-year period.

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