New Law Requires Tracking & Documentation of COVID-19 Symptoms Until 2023

New Law Requires Tracking & Documentation of COVID-19 Symptoms Until 2023

In California, employers of all sizes are responsible for tracking and documenting COVID-19 symptoms until 2023. 

On January 1st, 2021, new legislation went into effect specifying how California employers should handle symptoms and cases of COVID-19 in the workplace. This law applies to employers of all sizes, including post-secondary schools, and will stay in effect until January 1st, 2023.

While this law is specific to California, institutions in other states may be subject to similar legislation.

The new law, titled California A.B. 685, creates reporting obligations that require employers to provide written notice of suspected and diagnosed COVID-19 cases to employees and local public health officials. Employers who fail to comply with A.B. 685 regulations are subject to civil penalties and citations.

Under this new law, post-secondary schools should take steps to:

  • Implement safe and effective measures to prevent and minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 on campus or ancillary sites.
  • Coordinate documentation and tracking of symptoms for anyone coming to campus.
  • Create and deliver written notices of suspected and diagnosed cases of COVID-19 within one business day to staff and students on campus during an infectious period

One solution to keep you in compliance

Using the Daily Health Check questionnaire from CourseKey, institutions can document self-reported symptoms and recent exposure of anyone coming to campus. Only those individuals who report symptoms and contact history indicating no risk of carrying COVID-19 are permitted on site, minimizing the risk of an outbreak on campus.


If an individual indicates through the daily health check that they are at-risk of carrying the virus, they are asked to stay home and administrators at the school are notified via email.


Additionally, digital record of daily self-reported symptoms creates a documentation trail and timeline of data that can show exactly when symptoms were reported. Equipped with this information, institutions can quickly notify affected individuals within one business day as specified by California A.B. 685.


Join the hundreds of campuses keeping their staff and students safe while staying compliant with new legislation using CourseKey’s daily health check solution. To learn more, request a demo below.

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