Announcing the Pivot Point + CourseKey Integration

Announcing the Pivot Point + CourseKey Integration

Announcing the Pivot Point + CourseKey Integration

Transferring Pivot Point LAB grades into the student information system has never been smoother. 


About the Pivot Point Integration

The CourseKey + Pivot Point integration enables career colleges to easily transfer exam grades from Pivot Point into leading student information systems. With this integration, Pivot Point users eliminate manual data entry and can view SAP components in one place. 

Key Features

Reduce administrative burden—Grades are transferred from Pivot Point into the SIS without manual data entry, eliminating inconsistencies, increasing operational efficiency, and empowering staff to focus on retention. 

Complete visibility for staff—Administrators can see a campus-wide overview of total time awarded (theory and practical), student skills progression, LAB grades, and detailed time reports by student. Data visualization helps administrators quickly determine if intervention is required.

Complete visibility for students—CourseKey gives students visibility into their total hours, skills progression, grades, and remaining hours, empowering them make decision that supports on-time graduation. 

Why We Built This

“Beauty and wellness schools have been stuck with manual processes around data entry for far too long. This approach creates challenges for both the students and the institutions,” said Luke Sophinos, founder and CEO of CourseKey. “This integration automates the grades transfer process from the LMS to the SIS for administrators while empowering students with better visibility into their educational journey. We are excited to see how impactful it can be for our partners!”

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