Paul Mitchell Raleigh: Streamlined Attendance In Hybrid Programs

Paul Mitchell Raleigh: Streamlined Attendance In Hybrid Programs

Learn how Paul Mitchell Raleigh used a cosmetology school attendance software to streamline attendance in hybrid programs.  

Paul Mitchell Raleigh prepares its Future Professionals for successful careers in the beauty industry through a three leveled Cosmetology program. In the program, students take on progressively advanced techniques and build real-world skills on their way to becoming licensed cosmetologists. 

Like many institutions, PM Raleigh was forced into temporary distance education during the COVID-19 outbreak. After a few months, however, it was granted permission to conduct hybrid learning (aka blended learning). PM Raleigh had some students onsite three times each week and others onsite twice a week. All students were completing their theory hours online. 

Although PM Raleigh was happy to have students back on campus in some capacity, the administration experienced pain when it came to collecting and uploading attendance data in a hybrid environment.

The Challenge: Taking Attendance Efficiently in a Hybrid Setting

Tracking attendance for each student in online and on-ground environments took a substantial amount of manual work for admins. 


When they first started hybrid learning, PM Raleigh tracked student hours accrued online by downloading the attendee report in Zoom and manually entering the data into FAME, their SIS. Not only was this a very time consuming process, it was also susceptible to human error. 


For on-ground courses, admins were doing the same manual entry after collecting physical sign-in sheets. Manual input became a big issue.

The Solution: CourseKey Mobile Attendance Software for Cosmetology Schools

To eliminate the manual data entry associated with tracking attendance in hybrid learning, PM Raleigh turned to CourseKey’s mobile cosmetology school attendance software. Whether students are on-ground or online, they check in and out of class using their mobile device. This data is immediately visible to admins in real-time attendance dashboards. 


Once class is over, admins download the attendance report from CourseKey and upload it to FAME. Because the reports in CourseKey are tailor-made for FAME, the attendance process is completed within a few clicks.


As Myisha Brown, Education Leader at PM Raleigh explains, “CourseKey became a lifesaver. It took us away from downloading Zoom reports and the daily manual data entry.”

The Outcome: Immense Time Savings With Cosmetology School Attendance Software

By streamlining their attendance process with CourseKey’s cosmetology school attendance software, PM Raleigh conducted hybrid learning while saving its staff members hours per week. Admins don’t feel like they’re falling behind on attendance and can spend the time typically allocated to attendance management on other responsibilities.   


In addition to virtually eliminating manual work, CourseKey’s attendance solution has benefitted students who have had to stay home by giving them a way to clock in to class while remote. Students who can’t physically attend class can still earn their hours by securely clock in from home. 

As Myisha Brown notes, “Those that don’t have [CourseKey] are really missing something. So I encourage any school to get it because it saves a lot of time.”

Take Advantage Of Technology

Relieve your admins of the daily mental and physical burden of managing attendance by taking advantage of mobile attendance technology for cosmetology schools. To experience CourseKey’s solution firsthand, request a demo below.

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