How Paul Mitchell Salt Lake Decreased Time Spent Managing Attendance By 98%

How Paul Mitchell Salt Lake Decreased Time Spent Managing Attendance By 98%

Learn how Paul Mitchell the School Salt Lake used a cosmetology school attendance management software to streamline attendance.

Paul Mitchell the School Salt Lake (PM Salt Lake) is a cosmetology school in Salt Lake City, Utah, that provides cutting edge cosmetology, barbering, and esthetics programs to prepare their future professionals for careers across the beauty industry.

After the pandemic forced PM Salt Lake to replace their hand-scanner with paper-based attendance methods, the institution experienced time consuming inefficiencies on a daily basis. To solve those issues, PM Salt Lake adopted CourseKey’s cosmetology school attendance management software to digitize its attendance process. Not only did CourseKey solve the inefficiencies brought about by paper-based attendance, it created significant time savings across their attendance process that drove PM Salt Lake to stick with CourseKey moving forward.

Read on to discover how PM Salt Lake used CourseKey to transform its attendance management process and save administrators hours per week.

The Challenge: Taxing paper-based processes

Before adopting CourseKey in June of 2020, PM Salt Lake students were checking in and out of their classes using a biometric hand-scanner. 


But when the pandemic hit the United States, PM Salt Lake was forced to stop using their hand-scanners and temporarily switched to paper-based attendance to reduce shared surfaces. Tami Thurman, Co-Director of PM Salt Lake, would collect paper roll sheets from each class and manually enter the data into a .CSV file to upload attendance to FAME, their SIS. That process took Tami between two and three hours per day to complete. This manual attendance process was far too time consuming for Tami and Learning Leaders at the institution. 


With hand-scanners out of the question and paper processes causing inefficient operations, PM Salt Lake looked for an efficient attendance solution that protected the health of students and staff.

The Solution: Cosmetology School Attendance Management Software

In the summer of 2020, Paul Mitchell Salt Lake chose CourseKey as a safe way to automate their attendance collection and easily manage their attendance data in a cloud-based platform. Rather than having students scan their hand or confirm their presence in roll calls, the institution had students check in and out of classrooms using their mobile devices.

The Outcome: Immense time savings for staff and students

Attendance upload takes 2 minutes vs. 2 hours

With paper-based attendance processes, Tami Thurman was spending two to three hours every day uploading attendance. Now, because CourseKey’s cosmetology school attendance management software collects attendance data instantly and allows for .CSV file exports built for FAME, Tami can finish her attendance tasks in a fraction of the time. As she explains, “Posting attendance used to take me two hours a day and now takes me just two minutes.”


Tami uses the time saved to focus on helping her students and working with staff. With attendance no longer taking up hours of her time, she has more time to dedicate to managing the institution.

Students check in and out immediately

Before the pandemic, when PM Salt Lake only had one hand-scanner, their students would have to wait in line to clock in and clock out, which was always frustrating.


Now, with CourseKey Attend, students at PM Salt Lake are checking in and out of class instantly without needing to wait in line to use a hand-scanner. Instead, they simply scan a QR code with their mobile device. With the QR code displayed multiple times around the classroom, students have several places to check in and out, eliminating the necessity of waiting in line to use a shared piece of hardware.

Fewer attendance adjustments

With the hand-scanner, staff and students weren’t aware of any mistakes with attendance until a few days later. If a student missed a punch, administrators wouldn’t notice because the faulty data was uploaded automatically. To fix issues with attendance, staff would need to spend time looking through records to find the mistake and fill out a correction form to correct it.


CourseKey provides PM Salt Lake Admins and Learning Leaders instant visibility into time and attendance, leading to far fewer unnoticed mistakes. With this visibility, both Learning Leaders and students see if a student forgot to punch out or check in and the Learning Leader resolves the issue in real-time with a few clicks. Increased transparency for staff and students makes sure errors are identified in the moment rather than letting them become time consuming issues down the road.

Streamlined attendance thanks to cosmetology attendance software

PM Salt Lake staff and students now enjoy their new streamlined attendance processes and don’t miss the time-consuming paper or hand-scanner processes from last year. Rather than spending hours per day to upload attendance, staff can focus their time on helping their students persist through their programs.

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