How Divers Institute of Technology Simplified Audits With CourseKey

How Divers Institute of Technology Simplified Audits With CourseKey

How Divers Institute of Technology Simplified Audits With CourseKey

Divers Institute of Technology implemented CourseKey’s software for diving schools and career education programs to access student attendance data the moment it’s created, streamlining financial aid reporting and simplifying audits.  

Audits have always been a complex process but have become increasingly difficult for everyone involved due to COVID-19 and increased oversight on both schools and accreditors. Now, it’s more critical than ever before to shore up processes with verifiable data and a strong audit trail. 

Divers Institute of Technology (DIT) did just that by implementing CourseKey.

DIT is a Seattle-based commercial diving school that’s been training students for over 50 years. Like all for-profit schools, DIT is audited by the VA, FSA, and its accreditor—plus two diving industry associations. 

Learn how CourseKey’s software for diving schools and career education programs helped DIT streamline audits, financial aid disbursement, and day-to-day operations with automated, verifiable attendance data.

The Problem: Data and disbursement delays

DIT’s previous attendance process was a daily, multi-step process that caused unwanted delays in many areas of the school. Instructors at DIT would take roll call, deliver it to an administrator, make notes on their written worksheets, then enter attendance and grades into the SIS at the end of each day. At DIT, instructors’ number one priority is students, so sometimes they wouldn’t submit attendance data on time. 

Unfortunately, delayed attendance data led to delays in financial aid disbursement for students who met benchmark time requirements. If instructors didn’t enter attendance by the end of the day, it delayed student financial aid disbursements by a day or more. 

DIT wanted to know who was on campus and who was absent first thing in the morning to ease the financial aid process and remove the administrative burden from instructors. 

Enter CourseKey’s automated attendance solution.

The Solution: Instant access to attendance data with CourseKey

DIT implemented CourseKey’s automated attendance solution to make attendance reporting more timely and ease the financial aid process—and achieved both goals. 

Because CourseKey integrates with DIT’s SIS, Anthology Student (formerly Campus Nexus), data is automatically transferred from CourseKey into the SIS, eliminating the need for manual attendance entry. Now, DIT instructors take attendance when class begins, and the data is automatically transferred to administrators.

When DIT’s financial aid director arrives in the morning, she has a complete picture of which students are on campus and how much time they’ve spent in class. When the data goes into Anthology Student, it’s matched appropriately, and she can pull her financial aid disbursements by noon—eliminating disbursement delays.  

“The system we were using worked fine, but this is more effective, and everyone is happier,” said Michelle Perrigo, Director of Compliance at DIT.

Everyone, including auditors.

Improving audits and operations with CourseKey

“We used to have to show auditors inches and inches of paper,” said Michelle. “In our most recent VA audit, we gave the auditor an option between folders of data or the CourseKey report, and she chose the CourseKey report. She gave us kudos for having a system that would timestamp everyone and report down to the minute.” 

DIT had never been asked for timestamped attendance before but discovered it’s a common request post-COVID. 

“We’ve been around for 54 years, so obviously, we’ve been doing something right. But with the increased scrutiny on for-profit schools, we’ve just recognized that the more data we have and the better we can back it up, the better off we are in terms of reporting,” said Michelle.

Because student attendance data is created in CourseKey, it’s a faster, easier way to validate the data in your SIS rather than pulling file after file of student records. 

“With CourseKey, it’s quick and easy to pull a date or date range and specific attendance records. It’s exactly the kind of things our auditors ask for,” said Michelle. “It’s made our auditors happier and reinforces that we made the right decision with CourseKey.” 

Improving Audits and Operations with CourseKey's Software for Diving Schools and Career Education Programs

There’s a reason DIT has been training students for over 50 years. They innovate and do their best for their students, adapting the most modern, effective technology in the classroom and the back office. 

Learn how your school can streamline its audit process and create a better experience for your staff and auditors alike. Request a demo to learn more about how CourseKey’s software for diving schools and other career education programs helps schools across the country improve operations, compliance, and more. 

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