Software for Emergency Medical Training Programs Simplifies Competency Tracking and Attendance Management

Software for Emergency Medical Training Programs Simplifies Competency Tracking and Attendance Management

Software for Emergency Medical Training Programs Simplifies Competency Tracking and Attendance Management

Management software for emergency medical training programs simplifies competency tracking, reduces fraud, and improves student experience.  

Employment of EMTs and paramedics is projected to grow 11 percent from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average growth for nearly every other industry. In addition, about 20,000 jobs for EMTs and paramedics are projected to open as veteran emergency medical professionals retire or move into different positions. Your emergency medical training program must be prepared to scale to meet the demand. 

Your emergency medical training programs deserve technology that works with you, not against you, as you prepare the next generation of first responders. 

CourseKey empowers emergency medical training programs like yours with efficient, easy-to-use program management software that solves many common technology challenges. CourseKey’s student-driven app provides students and staff with the real-time data they need to take a proactive approach to student success and compliance. 

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Software for emergency medical training programs

CourseKey’s software for emergency medical training programs improves engagement, attendance, retention, and compliance. Read on to learn how. 

Minimum competency tracking software for emergency medical training programs

CoAEMSP requires emergency medical training programs to track minimum student competencies to ensure they’re prepared for the field. Historically, minimum competency tracking has been a pain, requiring a 7-step process just to submit one skill and creating a poor experience for everyone involved. 

CourseKey’s Skills Tracker simplifies minimum competency tracking by allowing students to submit skills on a mobile app in seconds. They simply input the skill with the time, date, and a document with their preceptors signature. Skills Tracker can be used in the field and in the classroom to track lab activities as well. 

When a student logs a competency, it’s transferred to staff, who can approve it with the click of a button—eliminating back and forth between staff, instructors, and students. When a skill is approved, it’s saved in the student’s record for convenient reporting and verification. 

Students have real-time visibility into their complete and incomplete competencies, helping them keep themselves on track to graduation.

Attendance software for emergency medical training programs

Brian Scott, Instructor, Bellus Academy

Many emergency medical training programs rely on manual data entry to transfer attendance data into the SIS. Manually collecting and entering attendance data in online and on-ground courses is already time-consuming, and you have the added difficulty of collecting externship and clinical attendance data while students are on the go. 

Attendance software for emergency medical training clinicals and externships

When a student moves from an on-ground or online course to an externship or clinical setting, administrators lose visibility into the student’s attendance—particularly when that clinical involves riding around on an ambulance. Schools can’t access a student’s attendance data until days later. Because students ride with a different preceptor every time, attendance is difficult to verify and prone to fraud. 

Using CourseKey’s GPS attendance system, your staff can manage  multiple sites. Students can only check in or out once they are within the geofence, and the data is automatically transferred to the SIS. CourseKey allows students to remain checked in overnight and to check in and out from different geofenced locations.

If your staff is tracking an at-risk student, they can easily confirm if a student showed up to their site through CourseKey’s real-time attendance dashboard. 

Attendance software for emergency medical training labs and classrooms

CourseKey’s mobile attendance solution gives staff a real-time view of student attendance. Students check in on their mobile device using secure technology, including Face ID/Fingerprint, QR-Code, GPS, and/or Soundwave. Attendance is automatically transferred to staff and into the SIS upon check in.

Your staff has the data they need to intervene with at-risk students faster. Because they aren’t bogged down with manual data entry, they have extra time to take a proactive approach to retention. 

Attendance software for online learning

CourseKey connects your LMS and SIS to automatically transfer online activities into the SIS, removing the burden from instructors. Instructors have more time to focus on supporting students, and administrators have peace of mind knowing the LDA in the SIS is accurate. 

Case Study: How Hawaii Medical College streamlined online attendance to improve LDA determination

Retention software for emergency medical training programs

With paper timesheets, manual data entry, and decentralized clinical sites, administrators might not be aware that students aren’t getting their hours until it’s too late. If students unknowingly fall behind, they may not be able to make that time up. 


Attendance isn’t the only factor that goes into retention. You must also consider student grades, competencies, and experience. But when you’re tracking each component in a different place, it becomes difficult for your staff to see the entire student journey, and they may not know a student is at risk until it’s too late. 


CourseKey’s retention dashboard visualizes a complete picture of student risk with the touch of a button, allowing staff to take a proactive approach to retention. Staff can sort students by risk level to quickly determine which students need the most support. As a result, they spend less time managing data and more time acting on it. 

Improving retention rates is a win-win for everyone. Students achieve their certifications and go out in the field, while schools boost revenue and improve outcomes.

With a reactive approach to retention, many schools end up losing thousands of revenue dollars to automatic drops. Calculate how much money could be walking out your door. 

Compliance software for emergency medical training programs

Everything your school does impacts compliance. To remain compliant and prove that your school is running according to policy, staff must maintain accurate, verifiable records of all student and course time. Unfortunately, if you’re entering data into the SIS manually, it’s delayed and prone to human error. Plus, because of the decentralized nature of student clincals, it can be difficult to verify student attendance and competencies. 


CourseKey consolidates attendance data from all learning environments—online, lab, and clinicals—into one location, giving administrators access to real-time data that is verifiable down to the second. Student dashboards with exportable reports make it easy to prove processes and easily share records with accreditors. Staff can prove that students gained the competencies they need to be successful emergency medical professionals. 


Case Study: How Unitek reduced findings by implementing CourseKey’s clinical attendance solution.

Improving experience for all with

There’s a reason instructors call CourseKey a “lifesaver” and “the best thing since sliced bread.” 

CourseKey eliminates the tasks they hate doing—pencil-pushing and data management—and gives them more time to focus on student success. 

Ena Hull, COO, Legacy Education

CourseKey improves school operations to the delight of staff, reduces administrative burden on instructors, but most importantly, improves student experience. Students enjoy having access to their real-time hours and progress without waiting for a progress snapshot. 

Chad Jove, Student, High Desert Medical College

They become accountable for their hours and competencies, fostering professional readiness and allowing them to focus on becoming skilled emergency medical professionals.

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