Software for Truck Driving Schools and CDL Programs

Software for Truck Driving Schools and CDL Programs

Software for Truck Driving Schools and CDL Programs

New federal regulations require entry-level truck drivers to receive training at an accredited Truck Driving School or CDL Program, causing an influx in student enrollment at these programs. Implementing school management software will help your school scale with ease. 

New federal regulations for entry-level driver training for the commercial driver’s license (CDL) go into effect at the beginning of February. The regulations require that new drivers complete their training from an accredited program listed on a new Training Provider Registry.


Before these new regulations, drivers could be self-taught or receive training from someone they knew, then take the CDL exam to get their trucking license. 


The United States is already facing a shortage of truck drivers, making a career in trucking an appealing opportunity. Between the exciting career opportunities in trucking and these new regulations, accredited truck driving schools and CDL training programs must be prepared to scale and manage an influx of students. 

Why Truck Driving Schools Should Digitize Academics, Attendance, and Compliance

Most truck driving schools and CDL training programs already use a student information system to house student data and a learning management system to publish learning materials. 


While both are highly valuable for student education and school management, they still rely on manual data entry and do not solve all the problems that staff face. To simplify back-office operations and prepare to scale, truck driving schools must leverage software that integrates with the SIS and LMS.

Software for Truck Driving Schools and CDL Programs

CourseKey’s career college management software empowers truck driving schools by bridging the gap between the two systems, automating back-office tasks. With CourseKey, you can relieve instructors of time-consuming manual attendance management and detect compliance issues early. Plus, with CourseKey’s engagement and assessment tools, your school can conduct easy assessments and online courses. 


CourseKey’s software for trade schools and vocational colleges improves engagement, attendance, and compliance. Read on to learn how.


Learn how the Texas School of Phlebotomy used CourseKey to manage a 300% increase in students.

Engagement Software for Driving Schools and CDL Programs

Many truck driving schools use paper-based observational assessments to evaluate student skills, which require manual data entry into the SIS and can be easily lost or damaged. With CourseKey’s digital assessments, students go through their evaluations and instructors record their results on CourseKey’s app. The results are automatically transferred into the SIS and students receive their scores and feedback immediately after the evaluation.

Attendance Software for Driving Schools and CDL Programs

Typically, truck driving schools have to track student hours or activity in three different environments: online asynchronous, in class, and on the road. While students don’t need to reach a set number of hours, schools must track student hours. Entering data from all of these different environments into the SIS is time-consuming and prone to human error in small schools, but with the projected influx of students facing driving schools, manual data entry can quickly become unmanageable without increased staffing. 

CourseKey’s asynchronous blended learning attendance solution helps clock-to-credit hour schools break down the percentage of synchronous versus asynchronous time into one clear dashboard, then automatically uploads that data into the SIS. As a result, instructors no longer need to input asynchronous versus synchronous time manually. 


Learn how OCM BOCES used CourseKey to save hours per week on attendance management.

Damon Fugett, Director, DeHart Technical School

There’s a reason instructors call CourseKey a “lifesaver” and “the best thing since sliced bread.” 


CourseKey eliminates the tasks they hate doing—pencil-pushing and data management—and gives them more time to focus on student success. 

Compliance Software for Driving Schools and CDL Programs

Records management is a critical piece of compliance. To remain compliant, staff must maintain accurate, verifiable records of all student and course time. When attendance is tracked on paper and manually entered into the SIS, it is prone to human error. 


CourseKey consolidates attendance data from all learning environments—online, in class, and on the road—into one location, giving you access to real-time data that is verifiable down to the second. Student dashboards with exportable reports make it easy to prove processes and share records with accreditors without digging through boxes of paper files. Attendance dashboards give you a clear view of LDA, streamlining the return to Title IV process. 


When your school has real-time attendance and course data, you can also take a proactive approach to compliance by examining behavioral data. For example, if an instructor regularly begins class late or ends class early, you can fix the issue before external audits occur.

Improving Student Experience at Truck Driving Schools

CourseKey improves school operations to the delight of staff, reduces administrative burden on instructors, but most importantly, it improves student experience. Students enjoy having access to their hours and progress 24/7 at the touch of a button without relying on someone else for updates. 


Ena Hull, COO, Legacy Education

“A student once told me, ‘I get these notifications. I have access to my attendance and grades. I know we’re all responsible for ourselves, and I appreciate it’” said Damon Fugett, Director of Dehart Technical School.


When you give students the resources they need to be accountable, they become accountable and make choices that help them progress towards graduation.

Software That Empowers Driving Schools and CDL Programs

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