Why CourseKey is Thankful For Essential Workers

Why CourseKey is Thankful For Essential Workers

Why CourseKey is Thankful For Essential Workers

Our software is purpose built to support career education programs training the essential workers our country needs. So this week, we’d like to thank them for all they do.


Here at CourseKey, our mission is to support the career education programs training and credentialing thousands of students across the country. 


“CourseKey exists because of essential workers. After watching my family members attend career education programs, I realized these schools lacked specialized software for their specific needs. So we built it,” said Fadee Kannah, co-founder and CTO of CourseKey. “Essential workers, and those who train them, inspire us and make a difference in our communities. We’re honored to be part of their educational journey.”


Here’s why the CourseKey executive team is thankful for essential workers and our customers who train them.

They Make A Difference In Our Communities

Essential workers don’t just show up; they make a difference in our lives and communities. 

Adam Figueira, VP of Marketing, says: “From healthcare workers to truck drivers, and everything in between, we rely on essential workers who show up and do the jobs that they do. We’re not just thankful for who they are, and what they do—we’re thankful for the differences they make.”

They Are Here When We Need Them The Most

Essential workers in the healthcare space help us through some of our most difficult days. They helped Ryan Vanshur, VP of Revenue Operations, through his battle with cancer. 


He says: “As a cancer survivor, I spent a good deal of time in the hospital seeing first-hand the tireless work our essential healthcare workers provide every day. There was a wide range of folks who supported me through my battle—everyone from oncologists, nurses, pharmacists, to x-ray technicians. Since that experience, I found a great appreciation for the people who dedicate their lives to helping others and have been proud of the work we are doing to help enable the next wave of essential workers to contribute in the same way.”

They Inspired Us During The Pandemic

Essential workers stepped up during the pandemic, inspiring our entire company.


Marc Barron, VP of Partnerships and Business Development, says: “It takes courage and perseverance to work in a public place during a pandemic. When many of us were fortunate enough to provide for our families from the comfort and safety of our own homes, essential workers had to step into the unknown in order to provide for theirs. They showed true bravery and commitment to their families and to their communities every day they showed up for work. For that, I am truly thankful and have the utmost respect for all essential workers.”


Jack Shay, VP of Product, agrees. He says: “The sheer and unwavering professionalism I have seen from every healthcare provider I’ve interacted with since the pandemic has been nothing short of an inspiration to me.”


Our customers, health care educators, also inspire us. Many educators came out of retirement to serve on the front lines or found creative ways to continue educating future healthcare professionals from a distance—no easy feat considering the hands-on nature of healthcare professions. 


Stacie Ward, VP of Customer Success, says: “I’m thankful for essential workers who bravely went to work when they were most needed during the past 18 months. They put their fears aside to help others. Whether it was keeping grocery shelves stocked or assisting patients in the ICU, I am thankful they showed up, day after day, under incredibly stressful conditions.  While some of us were able to do our jobs remotely, they were not. I am grateful for the sacrifices so many of them made.”


Anthony Bull, VP of Engineering, shares that sentiment: “If it weren’t for essential workers, I can’t even imagine the greater world of hurt we as a nation and a global community would be in than these last 18 months have wrought.”

They’re The Backbone of Our Country

Finally, our country literally could not function without them. Luke Sophinos, CourseKey’s founder and CEO says: “I’m thankful for essential workers because they are the backbone of our country. Without essential workers, we wouldn’t have care when we’re ill, plumbing in our homes, or even roads to drive on. Essential workers devote their careers to helping their communities, and many pass along their skills to future generations. Every day I wake up thankful that CourseKey plays a part in training thousands of future essential workers across the country by supporting career education programs.” 


When you’re sitting around your Thanksgiving table this year, join us in thanking the essential workers in your life!

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