What Is A Career Education Platform?

What Is A Career Education Platform?

CourseKey’s career education platform is the market’s first, marking a groundbreaking innovation in technology available to career education organizations. This technology allows institutions to transform their operations and deliver world-class learning experiences.

Because it’s the market’s first, you might be asking what exactly is a career education platform? What purpose does it serve? Should your organization consider adopting one?

These are all questions we’re going to answer in this post.

First, what is a platform?

At its core, a platform is a digital infrastructure that acts as an operating system for a variety of applications. It gives the user one singular access point and typically requires just one set of log-in credentials to reach all of the applications included on the platform.


Platforms are very common. They’re found in almost every industry as the linchpin for efficient operations and data driven decisions. You’re likely familiar with some of the most common platforms. In fact, you probably already use one or more of them today.

  • Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office is a platform that supports and runs multiple applications, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and more.
  • Apple’s iOS: iOS is the platform that makes it possible to access thousands of applications through your iPhone or iPad. Not only does it include applications from Apple like the alarm clock, contacts, iMessage, and others, but it enables external organizations to create third-party apps for Apple users to download. Using their device as a single access point, users can explore a world of applications.
  • an example of a platformGoogle Suite: The G-Suite includes applications like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Drive, Hangouts, and many others. This is a great example of a platform that requires just one set of login credentials – your Google account – to access apps and tools you likely use everyday.

Now, let’s dive into the career education component.

A platform built specifically for career ed

The unfortunate reality of the career education sector is that their needs have been ignored by technology companies. Career education organizations are instead forced to use technology that wasn’t designed for their use cases. Most education applications don’t accommodate the hands-on learning experience of career institutions or easily manage data that matters most (i.e. attendance). This reality inhibits institutions’ ability to operate efficiently, stifles growth, and creates a less-than-ideal learning experience.


CourseKey’s career education platform, however, is an operating system built specifically for career education institutions. It combines all of the separate point solutions and data they generate in one place. It’s built to grant administrators access to all of their applications and to organize the data collected in a way that matters to them.


CourseKey's career education platform

Looking at the platform illustration, you can see the base career education platform and four of the modules it supports. The platform itself is the singular access point admins would utilize to access those supported modules and other applications. That connection enables student and institutional data to flow seamlessly between the technology, giving admins an extensive view of what’s happening at the institution.

Connecting with external tools

Not only does CourseKey’s career education platform support apps specifically designed for career education, but it also connects to the popular SIS and LMS tools already in place.


This is achieved through integration, which is the act of digitally connecting point solutions to allow data to transfer automatically between them. CourseKey specializes in integration and has an entire team dedicated to creating and maintaining integrations between the platform and external point solutions.

What's the purpose of a career education platform?

The career education platform allows an institution to know exactly what is happening across their organization. By centralizing the data and connecting the applications an institution uses, administrators can gain actionable insights to improve operations from an efficiency and compliance standpoint, boost retention, and create a better student learning experience.

The career education platform in action

To illustrate the data sharing and connectivity that CourseKey’s career education platform affords institutions, consider this example of a technology stack that a number of CourseKey partner institutions use.


With CourseKey’s career education platform in place, institutions utilize Canvas as their LMS, Campus Management as their SIS, and CourseKey to collect attendance data.


Through the platform, synchronous data from CourseKey and asynchronous data from Canvas is pulled and presented in CourseKey dashboards so that admins can clearly see how much time students have been awarded. Admins see how much time students missed and how much synchronous and asynchronous time they earned.


a look at the career education platform in actionCourseKey displays a transactional view of the sessions a student attended and asynchronous activities they completed to show admins how the student earned the time awarded.


This time and attendance data is automatically shared with Campus Management to update the students’ information, sparing admins from needing to manually enter attendance data from one application into another.


Through the career education platform, data is generated in Coursekey and Canvas environments, visualized in administrative attendance dashboards, and shared with Campus Management to update student profiles, all without the need for administrative involvement.

Transforming career education

With a career education platform as the underlying operating system for career schools, institutions have a detailed view of what is happening at their organization. This insight allows them to improve operations and deliver a world-class learning experience.


Schools already using CourseKey’s career education platform have seen significant improvements in retention, compliance, engagement, and efficiency.


To experience the career education platform for yourself, book a custom demo below.

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