Where CourseKey Fits In Your Tech Stack

Where CourseKey Fits In Your Tech Stack

Where CourseKey Fits In Your Tech Stack

You probably have an LMS, SIS, CRM, and a few other technology tools to solve your school’s top challenges, but odds are, there’s still something missing. 

That’s where we come in. 

We built CourseKey in partnership with leading career education programs to address the challenges that your other tools don’t solve. We work with your existing tools to improve student success. 

Read on to learn more about how CourseKey fits into your technology stack.

What does CourseKey do?

CourseKey is a student success platform purpose-built for vocational education programs. Our software collects timely and accurate student data from every learning environment, visualizes it into accessible dashboards, and automatically act on it to intervene with at-risk students and celebrate student wins. 

Data Collection

We collect data in two different ways: 

  • By integrating with your SIS and LMS to pull data into CourseKey, and push it back to the SIS for data storage. This includes metrics like grades, asynchronous attendance, and other student data. 
  • Directly from students via a student mobile application. This includes metrics like synchronous attendance, externship attendance, skills, satisfaction, and more. 


We collect and update data in real time, eliminating the need for data reconciliation or consolidation. 

Data Visualization

We pull the aggregated data and automatically combine it into easy visualizations for both students and staff. 

Staff gain an immediate, holistic view of the student journey at a glance. Because there are no data delays, it eliminates cross-departmental data silos. For example, with CourseKey: 

  • Enrollment teams gain an immediate view of FDA, allowing them to act fast if a student doesn’t show up. 
  • Finance teams gain an immediate view of FDA and LDA, allowing them to tackle timely Title IV processes faster. 
  • Student success advisors no longer have to wait for instructors to enter grades or attendance data to gain a full view of student progress. 


With clear, holistic visualizations, CourseKey serves as a “command center.” Many leaders check CourseKey periodically throughout the day for a quick overview of what’s happening at their school. 

Students also gain visualizations of their time and progress toward graduation within CourseKey’s student app, empowering them with the information they need to make decisions that progress them toward graduation. 

Automated Intervention 

While we’re visualizing the data for your team, our software is also already acting on it based on your organization’s custom triggers. For example, if a student misses five days in a row of class, you can set up a check-in message to go out via push notification, text message, or e-mail. CourseKey will also notify your staff when students hit certain risk thresholds so they can add the human touch. 

From a compliance standpoint, automated intervention ensures consistency, standardization, and documentation. 

While some LMS and SIS offer automated interventions, CourseKey’s interventions are unique in a few ways: 

  • We take a composite of multiple factors to determine student risks, where as an LMS might only look at the activity that happens within the LMS. 
  • Because it’s all automated, our interventions happen in real time instead of waiting for data, or other delays. 
  • We send out interventions based on what’s happening in a student’s individual journey, not just based on the student’s status. 


How CourseKey works with your existing systems

We put our customers first, and one of the best ways to do that isn’t through exclusivity. We believe in playing well with others for your benefit. 

How we work with your LMS

We work differently with different systems, so ultimately it’s best to chat with a CourseKey representative about how we work with your LMS. However, generally, we pull grades or asynchronous time from the system, visualize it in CourseKey, intervene based on triggers in CourseKey, and transfer it to the SIS. 

Our LMS integration removes the burden of time entry from instructors, allowing them to spend more time with students. Staff also benefit as they no longer wait for instructors to enter data. 

How we work with your SIS

We push asynchronous time attended from the LMS, and synchronous time from our mobile application directly into the SIS. This integration eliminates data delays, removes the administrative burden of reconciliation from your team, and improves your audit trail for stronger compliance. 

CourseKey also serves as a conduit between your LMS and SIS, pushing LMS data into the SIS. While some LMS and SIS are already integrated, CourseKey’s integration adds another layer to blended and hybrid programs by combining synchronous time from CourseKey, with asynchronous time from the LMS to record and visualize the student’s actual attendance.  

What systems does CourseKey replace?

While adding a new technology solution may sound daunting, CourseKey is designed to consolidate your technology stack by bringing your point solutions together and integrating your existing solutions. 

CourseKey replaces your attendance, skills tracking, and surveying solution—whether paper or digital—and consolidates it into one system. 

If you’re using a tool for retention or student outreach, CourseKey will also replace those. But it’s not just about technology systems. CourseKey also replaces manual processes and labor that don’t need to be done by a human. By reducing paper processes and data reconciliation, you’re giving staff more time to focus on students and prioritize the tasks that require a human touch. 

Supercharging your tech stack with CourseKey's student success software

CourseKey’s student success software is a critical component in your technology stack, helping more students get from day one to graduation through better student data collection, improved visualization for staff and advisors, and automatic intervention. Request a demo to get started.

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