Bring-Your-Own-Device Externships


Why Bring Your Own Device?

At most colleges, the externship is the final experiential step in a student’s academic journey, taking them from an educational setting, where they’re likely to experience pseudo-transactionality, into an immediate, real-world setting. Yet although one of the main premises of externships is preparing students for the day-to-day realities of their future careers, the majority of hospitals allow BYOD in the workplace but externship students are still carrying notepads – not using their own devices. Embracing BYOD initiatives while students are still on their academic journey is one of the best ways to prepare them for what to expect in the real-world.

Streamline the Attendance Process

CourseKey allows institutions to automate the attendance taking process for accuracy, regardless of whether the program is on a points-based or a time-based system. For externships, simply draw a geofence around each site and students will check in and out, with timestamps for precision.


Digitizing attendance taking processes for externship sites means no more lost timesheets or repeat calls to externship site coordinators. Instead, campus administrators can access externship attendance data in real-time and see which students are falling behind on their site hour requirements. Likewise, students can monitor their own completion through instant gradebook attendance records instead of frequently asking their instructor for updates.

Collect Student Questions in the Moment

For years, the recommendation has been for students to keep personal notepads or blue books with them during their externship hours to write down any questions they wanted to ask their program instructor later.

Instead, we allow students to push questions directly to their program instructor and review the responses all in one place. This means more questions asked instead of just the ones deemed most pressing after the fact, as well as insight for administrators into the timeliness and quality of instructor responses. Additionally, instructors and administrators will be able to see which competency areas students are excelling or struggling with based on the questions submitted.

Survey Your Students for Frequent Feedback

It’s hard to push for continuous improvement without feedback. By pushing survey-style assessments to externship students, administrators can gain a valuable understanding of how students perceive the quality and effectiveness of their externship programs. By breaking data up by site, qualitative feedback can be used when evaluating which sites to continue partnership with and which might have need for strategic realignment.

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