CourseKey + Canvas integration

CourseKey connects Canvas to your SIS

Automatically transfer data from Canvas into your student information system. Career education programs can remain compliant with today’s asynchronous regulations with a daily view into LDA.

Key Features

Reassign Instructor Time

Instructors no longer have to compute asynchronous time and manually enter it into the SIS, enabling them to focus on more appropriate activities and eliminating data errors, inconsistencies, and delays.

Complete Visibility For Students and Staff

Administrators can see a campus-wide overview of total time awarded (asynchronous and synchronous), view total asynchronous and synchronous separately, and detailed time reports by student. Students have real-time insight into their time and progress.

FDA and LDA include Asynchronous Time

CourseKey pulls LDA from Canvas and transfers it into the SIS, allowing administrators to complete R2T4 filing without delay and additional fines. With a near-immediate view into asynchronous FDA, schools can expedite Title IV drawdown.

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