CourseKey for Classrooms

One software suite to handle all of your on-ground classroom needs.

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Automate Time
& Attendance

Choose between three location-based technologies to automate attendance collection and ensure only students in the physical classroom are receiving credit. Leverage timestamps, permission settings, and reason codes for accuracy and compliance.

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Digitize Assessments & Evaluations

Instructors can push polls, quizzes, or tests out during class for students to take on their devices. Every question with an objective answer can be auto-graded enabling the class to go over live results as soon as every learner has answered.

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Establish Learning Communities

Give students better ways to interact with their instructors and classmates by utilizing one-to-one and one-to-many communication channels. Gone are the days of empty office hours, flooded email inboxes, and awkwardly asking classmates for contact information.

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