CourseKey for Clinicals and Labs

One software suite to handle all of your clinical and lab needs.

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Automate Time
& Attendance

Whether your clinicals and labs are on-campus or off, our location-based technologies enable you to let your students clock in and out to accrue their required hours. Leverage timestamps, permissions settings, and reason codes to ensure accuracy and compliance.

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Digitize Forms & Evaluations

Digitize your existing forms and enable instructors and preceptors to evaluate their students as they perform real-world tasks, directly from their own devices. Students can track their own progress and understand which of their skills have room to improve.

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Gain Real-Time Insights

Keep the pulse on attendance health for your clinicals and labs through various real-time reports in your attendance dashboard. Instead of waiting for weekly or monthly attendance reports, you can see who’s falling behind on requirements before it’s too late.

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