Compliance is vital—but it isn’t getting any easier as regulations tighten. Because everything you do ladders up to compliance, everything we build does too.

CourseKey’s technology provides data integrity and a strong digital audit trail that stands up to scrutiny, helping your school stay accredited and avoid findings.

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“Manual data entry creates opportunities for human error. CourseKey’s online, real-time automation eliminates that risk.”

Damon Fugett

“Anything I’m feeding into the SIS, CourseKey will be able to prove. When I sit down with an accreditor who says, ‘Prove to me that this student was here at this time?’ I show all the verification and biometrics that CourseKey provides. It’s the easiest, most straightforward thing to set up simple verification.”


"Before CourseKey, we used to have to show auditors inches and inches of paper. In our most recent VA audit, we gave the auditor an option between folders of data or the CourseKey report, and she chose the CourseKey report. She gave us kudos for having a system that would timestamp everyone and report down to the minute."

Remain compliant (and prove it)

Let’s be honest, with the legislative landscape as it is, you simply can’t take a reactive approach to compliance anymore. Tracking student data manually—with paper, PDFs, spreadsheets, and other tools that require human intervention—your audit trail becomes questionable, opening your school to compliance risks.


CourseKey helps you take a proactive approach to compliance by improving data integrity, digitizing records, and creating strong, verifiable data trails—data trails you can prove to an auditor, lawyer, and other regulators.


How we help


You take time crafting your academic, attendance, and other policies with compliance in mind, but you can’t be in every classroom every day to ensure your school is running in accordance with those policies.


CourseKey is your eyes and ears on the ground. Leverage attendance data to identify policy deviations and intervene before a compliance issue arises.


There’s always an opportunity for human error when you’re manually entering data into the SIS, opening your school up to compliance risks.


CourseKey transfers data directly from every learning environment—online, on-ground, and everything in between—into the SIS, with no manual data entry required. You and your staff have peace of mind knowing the data in your SIS is verifiable and error-free.


Your SIS is your source of truth, but it still needs to be verified with an audit trail. Historically, preparing for audits meant pulling box after box of student data, only to be told you need more information.


With CourseKey’s cloud-based data storage, the days of pulling record after record are over. Your staff can easily access student, course, and campus-level data and answer impromptu questions with a few clicks of a button.