Data Visualization

Instead of waiting for batch data uploads to understand how your students are performing, review all of your data generated from your physical learning environments in real-time CourseKey dashboards.

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live attendance dashboard

Live Attendance Dashboards

Attendance data generated from the learning environment fuels a live attendance dashboard to allow you to quickly analyze student, instructor, and institution performance while it’s happening.


Intervention Insights

View attendance data in real-time to determine which students are at-risk. This enables the appropriate parties to intervene before anyone slips through the cracks, aiding in reduced student drop rate and improved retention.


Real-Time Reports

Track implementation progress, reach out to absent students, and keep an eye on at-risk thresholds using real-time attendance reports.



Connect your existing SIS to CourseKey to make the process of creating courses, enrolling students, and transferring data as easy as possible.

Real-Time Data Visualization
Boosts Efficiency & Retention

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