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The Easiest Way To Teach And Train In Live Online Courses

The CourseKey platform works on any smartphone, tablet, or computer with Internet access. We specialize in:

  • Attendance tracking in live online learning environments
  • Auto-graded quizzes, polls, and homework assignments
  • Active learning engagement tools
  • SIS and LMS integration

When you decide CourseKey is right for your organization, our team will help you get your interactive live online courses and content set up within days.

How It Works

live online attendance


Automate time-based attendance so your learners can easily check in and out of each day’s lesson with earned hours tracking and secure user verification.

coursekey assessments icon


Deliver auto-graded high or low stakes assessments, like exams, in-class quizzes, and homework assignments for learners to complete and review scores.

coursekey learning communities icon


Learners interact with one another in a class-wide group chat, ask private questions to their instructors, and respond to quick in-class poll questions.

dashboards icon


Attendance data populates real-time dashboards for your administrators to review and identify at-risk learners who are missing their required hours.