ED Guidance For Clock-Hour Offerings During COVID-19 Pandemic

On March 5, the Department of Education released guidance for postsecondary schools whose normal operations are disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak, with a further update last week. 

While many schools prepped for the move to online assuming that delivering the content and working on a pseudo-credit hour system would suffice, the Department of Education has ruled otherwise. Clock hour programs must still be able to prove the time the student spent online and engaged in their courses, with a recommendation toward live online (synchronous) delivery.

Quoted from CooleyED’s expanded summary of the updated guidance:

  1. An institution may temporarily offer online instruction to a student in a clock hour program as long as the institution can document that the student has engaged in an appropriate learning activity for 50 minutes of every 60-minute period with faculty supervision
  2. ED recommends that clock hour online courses be offered in a synchronous lecture format, but asynchronous delivery is acceptable if student participation and faculty oversight is properly documented. Whether synchronous or asynchronous, an institution remains responsible for ensuring that the online instruction meets the relevant requirements of its institutional accreditor and state authorizing agency, as well as any professional licensing board requirements

An asynchronous go-at-your-own-pace approach doesn’t cut it for most clock hour offerings and requires a staggering amount of administrative oversight. That’s why CourseKey focuses on live online offerings, making sure your students are documented as online and engaged for their full required hours. 

CourseKey is offering our platform at a significant discount during the COVID-19 outbreak to help schools quickly move online and stay in compliance with the new Department of Education guidance. Request a demo below.

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