Vocational-Focused Engagement Tools

CourseKey Engage delivers the widest variety of student engagement tools through various assessment types, communication channels, and content sharing.

CourseKey Engage Is A Student Engagement Powerhouse.

CourseKey Engage lets you drive student engagement through polls, quizzes, tests, practical observations, and communication channels, all while tracking engagement accordingly, regardless of clock or credit hour structure.

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Because Engagement Is More Than Raising Your Hand.

Tests & Quizzes

Deliver assessments digitally and let the technology auto-grade student answers with grades ready as soon as the timer runs out.

In-Class Polls

Push out questions during class to keep attention high and gauge how well students are understanding the day's content.

Practical Observations

Evaluate students’ skills in hands-on environments, like labs and clinicals, and provide constructive feedback to help them grow in their fields.

Customize Access

Schedule when each assessment opens and closes, enable makeup work, or require an attendance check in before taking an assessment.

Class Chat

Every course comes equipped with a class-wide chat to give students a sense of community with their classmates (with instructor oversight).

1:1 Inbox

Enable students to reach out privately to their instructors to ask questions or share course-related files without dealing with the hassle of an email inbox.

CourseKey Engage Benefits Your Entire Organization.

For Leadership

Leadership members gain access to real-time engagement data to track whether students are maintaining satisfactory academic progress, ensure programs are offering adequate opportunities for engagement across learning environments, and identify which students might need extra support.

For Admins & Instructors

Instructors and other admin staff save hours per week by automating away manual tasks surrounding assessment grading. When it comes time to update the curriculum, performance data helps identify what content offerings produce strong results.

For Students

Students gain access to their own assessment grades immediately without having to wait for instructors to manually grade and pass back results, letting them work smarter, not harder, while studying. Through the communication channels, students gain a new way to feel like part of a community within their cohort, helping them stay enrolled.

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