Observational Evaluations

Digitizing Observational Evaulations

Administer observational evaluations from a tablet or mobile device, giving students instant access to results and reducing data entry.

Ensure Skill Mastery

Practical Evaluations

Digitally evaluate your students as they perform real-world activities, like cutting hair or fixing circuits.

Instant Results

Students receive instant confirmation of mastered concepts, allowing them to better prioritize studying.

Eliminate Paper Problems

Lost worksheets and inaccurate data entry can impact your operations.

Create a world-class experience for all

polls for student engagement in career college programs

For Leadership & Campus Administrators

Access to real-time progress data

Easily monitor student grades to ensure they’re maintaining satisfactory academic progress, and quickly identify which students need extra support.

For Administrators & Instructors

Focus on skill development

Eliminate time spent entering data into the gradebook and spend more time focusing on skill development.

For Students

Get instant results and real-time progress

Students have immediate insight into which concepts they’ve mastered and where they need to spend more time.

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