The CourseKey Difference For Academic Teams

Learn how implementing CourseKey enables academic teams to boost engagement and student success and better manage faculty.

How CourseKey Boosts Engagement & Student Success

Academic team members can keep the pulse on how engaged students are with their course content and with their peers through in-class questions, quizzes, tests, practical evaluations, and social functionality.


Through CourseKey, students also gain access to their own attendance and assessment performance. This enables students to track their own progress and become more accountable for their success, rather than waiting for an instructor or admin to relay summative progress information. 


Plus, academic admins can review the same data to see which students are struggling before it’s too late to help them, as well as create and modify curriculum to best prepare future professionals for their careers.

How CourseKey Enables Faculty Management

By providing instructors with a seamless, student-driven system, academic teams can remove much of the administrative burden for attendance and assessment management. Eliminating the need for instructors to manually enter data into spreadsheets or upload records by hand frees up more of their time to prep lessons, teach, and engage with their students.


Plus, digitizing classroom processes provides a higher level of accountability for instructors, reduces the ability for manipulation of attendance and assessment data, and ensures curriculum is being delivered appropriately across programs.


Calculate how much time your academic team could gain back weekly by automating student data. 

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