The CourseKey Difference For Clinical & Externship Coordinators

Learn how implementing CourseKey enables clinical and externship coordinators to improve efficiency and accuracy while creating time-savings.

How CourseKey Helps Save Time & Improve Efficiency

CourseKey’s patented GPS attendance technology lets students check in and out of their shifts. Through our real-time attendance dashboards, clinical and externship coordinators can confirm if students have shown up to their sites without having to call the site preceptors or instructors.

By reducing the amount of back and forth with preceptors verifying hours, you can better maintain strong relationships with your partner sites.

Plus, CourseKey integrates with your organization’s existing systems. By digitizing attendance processes for clinicals and externships through CourseKey, your team can regain hours normally spent manually inputting student attendance data into the SIS.

Nursing Student over designed background

I cannot express enough how much I love the system and the level of accountability it brings. I also love the instant and live view of who is in attendance versus who is absent.


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